Husqvarna W70 & W70P Wet and Slurry Vacuum - 110V

The Husqvarna W70 is a powerful and efficient wet and slurry industrial vacuum suitable for the toughest jobs.

Unlike most other wet vacs which can only handle water, the W 70 and W70P are designed specifically to also deal with other less viscous liquids too, like concrete slurry, oils, machining coolants etc, making it perfect accompaniment when concrete drilling, sawing and floor grinding which typically generate large volumes of slurry which can often be difficult to manage and contain.

Two models of W70 are available, the standard model (W70) and the W70P, which is identical in every respect, but includes an integral evacuation pump which is capable of pumping slurry 9 metres vertically or up to 200m horizontally. The W 70P can also pump out at the same time suction is taking place, reducing downtime. Both models have a 70 litre stainless steel tank and are made from high quality, durable components.

W70 (110V 1ph) - (1.2kW). 70 litre tank capacity. Standard model (non-pump).

W70P (110V 1ph) - (1.2kW). 70 litre tank capacity fitted with evacuation pump.

Minimum 2.5kVA continuous or 5kVA intermittent supplySee our transformer guide for more info.

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  W70 - 110V W70P - 110V
MPN 967702004 967664706
Voltage 110V 110V
Rated Current
10 A 10A
Minimum Transformer 2.5kW Continuous or 5kW Intermittent*  2.5kW Continuous or 5kW Intermittent* 
Power 1.2 kW 1.2 kW
Max Airflow 200m³/h 200m³/h
Max Vacuum 220mbar/ 22kPa  220mbar/ 22kPa
Inlet Diameter 51mm 51mm
Pump Power N/A 0.65kW
Pump Discharge N/A 260 litres/min
Tank Capacity 70 litres 70 litres
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 600 x 570 x 1250mm 600 x 570 x 1250mm
Weight 34 kg 44 kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1,144.00 £1,838.00

*See our transformer guide for more info.

The W70 and W70P are durable and exude quality, which helps not only enhance performance, it elongates service intervals too and reduces downtime.

Both models feature a 70 litre capacity stainless steel container with a crushproof hose, cast aluminium swivel hose lock and a galvanised steel dolly with steel clamps, which provide an air tight seal. Their patented filter/float system provides maximum airflow and reliable wet shut-off in case of an overfill.

They are easy to transport and manoeuvre around site thanks to their non-marking large rubber, puncture-free fixed rear wheels and lockable front castor wheels. The welded frame also enables easy transportation by resting the machine on it whilst in transit.

The W70P additionally features an integral stainless steel strainer in the tank which screens gravel from the slurry to protect the pump impellor. The W70P also has the ability to pump out at the same time suction is taking place for maximum operating efficiency.

Emptying on both models is carried out via a large bottom valve which is easy to access and provides simple cleaning.