Husqvarna Slurry Collector for Drilling

Husqvarna's slurry collector comes in ten different hole sizes, depending on the diameter of the core bit you are using.

Just place the panel around your core bit on the wall and activate your wet and dry vacuum to provide effective slurry management. 

The sizing below refers to the diameter of the hole on your core drill bit.

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Size 65mm 110mm 132mm 160mm 180mm 210mm 220mm 260mm 310mm
MPN 531280000 531280001 531280295 531280002 531280296 531280003 531074682 531280004 531280005

This slurry collector attaches to the wall using your wet and dry vacuum, and collects excess liquid waste from your drilling operation. Used with a wet and dry vacuum such as Husqvarna's W70P, this is a neat solution to keep your work area clean and dry

The core bit in the image is not included in the price.