Husqvarna R 420TsX AWD Rider (112 or 122cm deck)

The R420TsX AWD is available with a choice of either a 112 Combi deck or a 122cm Combi Turf deck. Decks can be placed in a convenient service position for easy cleaning and maintenance.

This high-specification mower features a wealth of performance and user enhancing refinements, including automatic blade engagement, easy-access controls, hydrostatic transmission and is suitable for use with a comprehensive range of Husqvarna custom all-year-round powered and non-powered labour-saving accessories.

R 420TsX AWD - Kawasaki FS Series V-Twin (726cm3/14.0kW). 112 or 122cm Deck.

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MPN 967648401
Engine Kawasaki FS Series V-Twin
Engine Size/Power 726cm³/14.0kW
Cylinders 2 (V-Twin)
Engine Type Petrol (4-Stroke)
Engine Cooling Fan/Air
Engine Lubrication Type Full pressure with oil filter
Transmission Hydrostatic AWD
Deck Size 112 or 122cm
Cutting Height 25-75mm
Cutting Height Steps 7
Uncut Circle 70cm
Drive Method Dual pedal-operation
Max Speed (Fwd / Rev) 9km/h / 7km/h
Seat Type Sliding
Hour Meter Type Digital
Base Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 207 x 96 x 118cm
Wheelbase 96cm
Ground Clearance 110mm
Weight (exc deck) 316kg
Price (Exc. VAT) £9,090.00*

*Price excludes the supply of a cutting deck or accessories which are available to buy as optional extras to suit individual requirements.

The R420TsX AWD additionally features an adjustable steering wheel, power-assisted steering, pivoting support wheels, a digital dashboard, HMI display, high intensity LED headlights, Xchange drive-in-drive-out attachment capability, hydraulic equipment lift, oil cooler, easy-access cutting height lever, easy-access intuitive controls, four large wheels, engine positioned behind the driver, a comfortable driving position with sliding seat, turn key start, a 12V socket outlet, a transparent fuel tank with an external fuel cap for easy fuelling, easy-access service points, a handy cargo holder and Bluetooth connectivity.