Husqvarna R320X AWD Outfront Rider

The Husqvarna R320XAWD rider is equipped with the standard 300 Series features (present on the RC318T) with the addition of All Wheel Drive transmission, plus the X line has dual LED-lights and a softgrip steering wheel. All four wheels are able to operate individually in order to provide maximum traction and performance on different terrain.

Soft ground, slopes and banks are handled well, and the improved weight balance reduces turf damage.

See the recommended products at the bottom of the page for compatible front-mounted attachments.

**Price excludes the supply of a cutting deck. 103 and 112cm cutting decks available as optional extras for the R 320X AWD.

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MPN 967847301
Engine Briggs & Stratton Endurance
Capacity/Power 500cm³ /10.5kW
Transmission Hydrostatic AWD (All Wheel Drive)
Max Speed Fwd/Rev 9 km/h
Deck Size 103 or 112cm
Cutting Height 7 step 25-75mm
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £4445.00 (320X AWD Unit Only)


The R320X AWD comes with on demand ALL WHEEL DRIVE transmission for those larger sized residences with soft ground conditions or have slopes and banks to manage. There is also a choice of accessories for year-round use available, which can maximise return on investment. Enquire for more details.

**Price excludes the supply of a cutting deck. 103 and 113cm cutting decks available as optional extras for the R320X AWD.

The BioClip cutting decks that are compatible with this machine feature a superior mulching action that has a host of benefits over the collect/discharge method. The X series also comes with turn-key start, dual LED-lights, a softgrip steering wheel with knob

Mulching recirculates the tiny grass clippings back into the soil, enriching the lawn as the discarded grass naturally decomposes. This can often reduce or even eliminate the need to use artificial fertiliser on the lawn.

Another key advantage to mulching is that you no longer have to empty the collected grass clippings into a pile in your garden. The more frequently you mow using a machine with BioClip technology, the more effective and efficient the natural fertilisation.