Husqvarna K2500 16” Disc Cutter - Hydraulic

The Husqvarna K2500 is a lightweight, yet powerful and durable hydraulic-powered disc cutter with a low-noise and high-power output.

It is most commonly used indoors and in other sensitive environments off-limits to high noise levels, hazardous fumes and/or petrol-powered equipment. It can also be used underwater and to perform pre-cutting tasks where the job is then finished by a ring saw

Despite the large blade capacity of the K2500, this efficient cutter is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre, control and comfortable to use.

K2500 (hydraulic) - 5.2kW/6.97Hp. Blade Capacity 400mm. Max Cut Depth 125mm. 8.3kg*.

The K2500 can be purchased as a machine only or as a package (c/w 16” Husqvarna Elite-Cut S50P pre-cut blade) at a reduced concessionary price.

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MPN 9683654-01
Power Source Hydraulic
Maximum Pressure/Flow Rate  140 bar @ 40l/min
Power 5.2kW / 6.97Hp
Maximum Blade Capacity 415mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 145mm
Bore Size 25.4mm
Product Dimensions (W x H x L) 260 x 462 x 727mm
Weight (Machine Only) 8.3kg*
Vibrations F/R 7.5 / 5.2m/s²
Sound pressure level at operators ear 85dB(A)
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*Excluding cutting equipment

Light with high power
Hydraulics is an excellent way to transfer high power without the cutter becoming heavy.

No fumes and low noise levels
With no fumes and lo noise levels hydraulic cutters are ideal for both indoor and outdoor jobs.