Husqvarna LF130LT Forward Plate Compactor

The Husqvarna LF130LT soil compactor is agile and fast operating, even at 135kg. Operating this model is surprisingly comfortable given its weight, because of a high impact speed and specially designed plate.

Vibration levels are lowered to less than 2 m/s², thanks to the anti-vibration handle. This enables hours of comfortable operation without risk of discomfort, and you can switch between the standard handle and the dampening handle. The LF130 LT is fitted with a wheel kit as standard, for ease of transportation on site.


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  LF 130 LT Petrol
MPN 967896601
Engine Honda GX160 Petrol
Nett Power 4.8HP / 3.6kW
Weight, kg 135
Frequency, Hz 95
Centrifugal Force 20
Speed, metres/minute 22
Static Pressure (kg/m²) 865
HA Vibrations, standard handle - m/s² 5.4
HA Vibrations, anti-vib handle - m/s² 1.1
Sound Level, dB(A) 104
Sound Pressure (operator's ear), dB(A) 95
Plate Size (LxW), mm 580 x 500
Machine Size (LxWxH), mm 960 x 500 x 995
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1555.00

Low Vibration

The ergonomic dampening handle delivers extremely low vibration levels, and it can be clipped back against the standard handle when not required. The LF130LT can achieve vibration levels below two metres per second squared, enabling the user to work for several hours without the risk of injury or discomfort. Husqvarna offer a lifetime warranty with the anti-vibration handles.

Compact Design

Transportation, operation and storage is made easy thanks to its small profile and foldable handle. You can store the LF130LT easily because of its efficient assembly and small footprint.

Fast and Agile

The speed of operation reaches 22 metres per minute which is ideal for the efficient compaction of soil and asphalt at a steady pace. The 130LT comes with the wheel kit as standard which enables easy transportation around the operation site.

Compact with Less Impact

If you are compacting blocks, you can use the optional block paving pad to protect the surface from superficial damage, whilst still providing good compaction performance.
Husqvarna Anti Vibration Handles Warranty