Husqvarna LF60LAT Forward Plate Compactor

The Husqvarna LF60LAT is a lightweight soil and asphalt compactor which comes with a water tank and a wheel kit.

This model is an excellent choice for maintenance work on driveways, car parks and other mid-sized areas of soil and asphalt. The bottom plate on the LF60 is specially designed for asphalt so as not to leave marks on the surface. As with others in Husqvarna's range of forward plate compactors, the LF60L features an interchangeable vibration-dampening handle which reduces the HAV ratings from a low 7.9m/s² to an extremely low reading of just 1.9m/s²


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  LF 60 LAT
MPN 967854802
Engine Honda GXR120 Petrol
Nett Power 3.1Hp / 2.3kW
Fuel Petrol
Weight, kg 67
Frequency, Hz 95
Centrifugal Force 10
Speed, metres/minute 25
HA Vibrations, standard handle - m/s² 7.9
HA Vibrations, anti-vib handle - m/s² 1.9
Sound Level, dB(A) 100
Sound Pressure (operator's ear), dB(A) 88
Plate Size (LxW), mm 545 X 350
Machine Size (LxWxH), mm 986 x 350 x 968
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1015.00

Optimized for asphalt

The LF60 comes with a specially designed bottom plate for working with asphalt, which helps stop the machine from sticking to the surface and leaving marks. The oversized tank cap enables easy refilling.

Efficient Water Usage

Both models come with an extra large water tank with an oversized cap, making it longer-lasting and easier to fill than similar models.

Only Good Vibrations

The secondary handle features Husqvarna's patented vibration-dampening technology, delivering industry-leading vibration levels below 2m/s² . Work for hours without risking injury or huge discomfort. The anti-vibration handle has a lifetime warranty from Husqvarna.

Easy storage and Transportation

The handle folds down completely, making it fit in a much smaller space. The wheel kit on the LF60LAT enables easy transportation.

Husqvarna Anti Vibration Handles Warranty