Husqvarna K535i Battery Powered Disc Cutter

The Husqvarna K535i is a lightweight battery powered disc cutter for sawing roof tiles, floor tiles, concrete paving and natural stone. This is a breakthrough in battery technology, as you can now get clean, portable power on a hand held 9" cutter.

Husqvarna estimates that you can cut 85 roof tiles or 20 paving slabs on a single charge, but this is an indicative guideline only and is subject to varying factors.

We recommend having a spare battery to minimise downtime whilst charging. Look at our battery guide to see the other Husqvarna machines that these batteries are compatible with.

The basic price for this machine is without a diamond blade, but you can purchase blades using the dropdown options below. Please note the 'machine only' option does not include a blade, battery or charger unless you choose as additional items or part of a bundle.


1 x K535i, 1 x Tacti-Cut S35BAT blade, 1 x BLi200 battery, 1 x QC330 charger


1 x K535i, 1 x Tacti-Cut S35BAT blade, 2 x BLi200 battery, 1 x QC330 charger, 1 x transportation box

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£422.40 £352.00
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K535i Shell Only K535i BUNDLE 1* K535i BUNDLE 2*
Blade   Tacti-Cut S35BAT 9" Tacti-Cut S35BAT 9"
Battery - 1 x BLi200 2 x BLi200
Charger - 1 x QC330 1 x QC330
Transport box - - 1 x Wooden Transport Box
Voltage 36V 36V 36V
Weight 4.2kg 5.5kg  
Blade capacity 230mm dia. / 22.2mm bore 230mm dia. / 22.2mm bore 230mm dia. / 22.2mm bore
Cutting depth 76mm 76mm 76mm
Cutting method Wet and dry Wet and dry Wet and Dry
Sound at ear level 98.5 dB 98.5 dB 98.5 dB
Vibrations, F/R handles 2.1/2.5 m/s² 2.1/2.5 m/s² 2.1/2.5 m/s²
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £352.00 £555.00 £845.00
MPN: 967795901
Please note, the headline price for this machine does not include a blade, nor a battery and charger . £352.00 + VAT is for the machine shell only. Please use the dropdown options to select which blade, battery and charger you need, or choose one of the bundles.

The slim design and low weight of the K535 i makes it easy to lift, control and manoeuvre during operation. Along with exceptionally low vibrations, this makes it an ideal machine for lighter concrete jobs.

You can use a choice of Husqvarna batteries, which are compatible with other machines from Husqvarna. We recommend the BLi200 for moderate usage time, or the more powerful BLi300 to get twice as much. The recommended chargers are the QC330 and QC550. 

Using the recommended BLi200 battery, Husqvarna's guideline cutting performance on one charge is as follows: ROOF TILES - 85pcs. PAVING SLABS - 20pcs. These guidelines are subject to many variables and may not be repeatable from one setting to another. 

Universal battery compatibility

The BLi200 and BLi300 batteries also fit Husqvarna chainsaws and trimmers, so you can keep spares compatible with more than one cutter. The running time on one charge when cutting concrete is estimated at 6 minutes with the BLi200 battery and 13 minutes with the BLi300. Head over to our battery and charger guide to see charging times, running times and compatibility.

Light and comfortable

Battery technology brings several benefits such as low vibrations, low operating weight and no emissions. This makes it suitable for a wider range of contexts such as working indoors and in less accessible locations. The blade is placed centrally and the components arranged in such a way as to make the machine perfectly balanced. This increases user comfort.

Safe and efficient wet cutting

The integrated water valve allows for convenient attachment to a water feed, to prolong the life of the blade. The machine itself is weatherproof to IPX4 standards, so you can use in different conditions. The battery is mounted on the side of the machine, with minimal exposure to dust and rain.

Engineered for safety

The blade rotation goes from full throttle to stationary in 3.1 seconds, which increases safety and ensures the user can quickly turn their attention to the next task. Special ergonomic handles are designed to increase control for extra safety when cutting

Choose your blade

There is a choice of suitable 230mm (9") Husqvarna diamond blades that you can use with the K535i, depending on the demands of your project. The S35s BAT blade is suitable for cutting cured concrete and natural stone, and it comes in Tacti-Cut and Elite-Cut options. The Tacti-Cut level is more of a value option, but if you want the very best performance and endurance you should choose the Elite-Cut blade. If you are using the K535i for cutting vehicles and multi-materials, we recommend the Vari-Cut FR-3. This is known by Husqvarna as a 'Rescue Blade'.