Honda C700 Quick Charger

The Honda C700 is a quick battery charger specially-developed for use with the advanced Honda eGX battery-motor and Honda B750 72V li-ion battery.

These products have been developed by Honda to work in unison to power the ever-increasing range of commercial and pro-grade cordless machines and equipment that can accommodate the needs and demands of the construction industry, a market historically dominated by Honda petrol-powered engines.

The new-generation Honda eGX electrified power unit is designed to provide users with efficiency and performance closely matched to that of the conventional Honda GX100 and GX120 petrol-powered engines, but without the associated noise, mess, maintenance, operating costs or harmful emissions of their petrol-powered counterparts.

An obvious added attraction to users of this zero-emission power source is its ability to be used safely indoors and in poorly ventilated areas, together with their ease of use, lower operating noise levels and lower vibration levels.

The Honda C700 charger is able to fully charged the powerful Honda B750 72V lithium-ion battery in just 90 minutes and is equipped with an LED indicator that lets you know when the battery is charged and ready to go.

The Honda C700 quick charger is designed for use with the Honda B750 72V li-ion battery and equipment powered by the Honda eGX motor.

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