Husqvarna K1 PACE 12-14” Disc Cutter - Battery

The Husqvarna K1 PACE is a high-power battery disc cutter which provides the power and performance that you would expect from an equivalent petrol-powered disc cutter, with the financial, usability, reliability and environmental benefits that you would expect from a Pro-grade battery-powered product.

With the K1 PACE, you will enjoy a quieter, more comfortable working day, with cleaner air, lower vibrations, increased reliability and ease of product use - no more mixing or carrying fuel or working in hazardous fumes - just quiet, comfortable and dependable performance at the simple press of a button.

The advantages however do not stop there. Your pocket will also be considerably healthier too, thanks to the substantially reduced running and maintenance costs of the K1 -indeed, so great are the savings in operating costs, the purchase cost of the K1 can be recouped in as little as 50 hours of use (+/-); after that, the more you use your K1, the more money you with each and every cut you make (compared to a petrol-powered equivalent cutter).

The Husqvarna K1 PACE is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as use in residential, poorly ventilated and noise sensitive areas. It can also be used for wet and dry cutting applications (optional vac attachment recommended when dry cutting).

K1 PACE - 94V Li-ion Battery. Blade capacity 300/350mm. Max Cut Depth 100-121**/145mm. 7.2/7.4kg*.

Designed for use with Husqvarna PACE 94V Pro-Grade Li-ion batteries.

A specially adapted K1 PACE 14” Rescue Saw is also available, which has been designed for use by emergency services in emergency and rescue situations.

The K1 is supplied as a shell only. Pick your saw, battery, charger and blade to suit your individual budget and desired runtimes.

Why not protect your investment and aid portability of your K1 with the addition of a custom wooden transport/storage box which is designed to hold 2 x PACE batteries and a charger?

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Model K1 PACE 12" K1 PACE 14" K1 PACE 14" Rescue
MPN 9704458-03 9705192-01 9705193-01
Motor Type BLDC (brushless) BLDC (brushless) BLDC (brushless)
Battery Type Lithium Ion Lithium Ion Lithium Ion
Battery Voltage 94V 94V 94V
Battery & Charger included? No No No
Blade included? No No No
Wooden Transport Box Included? No No No
Blade Capacity 12"/300mm 14"/350mm 14"/350mm
Max Cutting Depth 100/121mm** 145mm 145mm
Cutting Method Wet and Dry Wet and Dry Wet and Dry
Vibration Level Front Handle 2.0 m/s² 2.2 m/s² 2.2 m/s²
Vibration Level Rear Handle 1.1 m/s² 1.2 m/s² 1.2 m/s²
Sound pressure at operators ear 102 dB(A) 102 dB(A) 102 dB(A)
Weight 7.2kg* 7.4kg* 7.9kg*
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £929.00 £1030.00 £1144.00

*Shell only. Excludes weight of battery and cutting equipment.

**121mm cutting depth on 12” K1 is only possible when using smaller diameter collars which are available on request.

PACE Battery System
The Husqvarna K1 is powered by the specially developed PACE (Powerful Agile Cordless Electric) high-capacity, high-power 94V battery system and complimentary range of fast chargers. When used in combination with one of the custom-engineered Husqvarna blades specially developed for use with the K1, they produce optimal cutting performance and finally provide users with a viable transition from conventional petrol to battery powered cutters without compromise.

The same PACE battery system technology developed in-house by Husqvarna will also be used to power a range of other Husqvarna heavy-duty battery powered equipment in development, which too will be designed for demanding conditions and tough site use.

PACE battery technology not only has an obvious appeal for users eager to reduce their carbon footprint, who strive for a carbon-neutral workplace, seek greater sustainability, use other products wherever viable with zero direct emissions, lower their associated operating costs, provide them with the ability to work almost anywhere without sacrificing product quality, performance and safety.

With the PACE battery system, users get the benefit of high-power, fast charging, exceptionally low operating costs, almost zero maintenance with dependable and reliable performance.

When considering the cutting performance of the K1 it is worth remembering that it only consumes power when its trigger is depressed and the saw being actually used, as opposed to petrol saws which are often left to idle between cuts and actually used to cut for significantly shorter periods. This means conversely the petrol saw is consuming fuel and costing money to run, albeit without actually being used. Consider the difference? Consider the potential savings?



GARDEN SLAB 400-400-50mm

GRANITE 300-100mm

CINDER BLOCK 390-150-167mm



2.5m - 141mm deep

Up to 33pcs

Up to 9pcs

Up to 35pcs

Up to 6pcs


5m - 141mm deep

Up to 81pcs

Up to 18pcs

Up to 93pcs

Up to 18pcs

*Cutting results may vary depending on operator skills, ambient conditions, type of material and quality of diamond blade. The above indicative results are from a 14" K1 PACE using a 14" Tacti-Cut S35 S BAT blade.

Choice of two custom high-power battery chargers equipped with fast charging mode and active cooling to suit both budget and desired charge times.



















The maximum depth of cut achievable with a traditional petrol disc cutter is approx. 100mm with a 12" saw and 125mm with a 14" model. The cutting capacity of the K1 has been optimised, enabling the 12" model to cut up to 121mm (almost equivalent to that of a 14” petrol saw) and the 14" K1 up to 145mm (the same as that of a 16” petrol saw).

High safety and brilliantly quiet
The Husqvarna K1 is equipped with Husqvarna’s new X-Halt® braking system which is designed to bring the blade to a stop almost immediately. This reduces potential hazards alongside the additional benefits from not needing to use oil and petrol, exposure to hazardous exhaust fumes, refuelling etc. Just remove the battery and your power cutter is completely disabled. When you want to next use it, pop in the battery, press the on button and then depress the trigger - it really is that quick and simple.

Another obvious advantage of battery powered equipment is their substantially reduced noise. An efficient electric motor has fewer moving parts too, further reducing the amount of mechanical noise produced too. A specially developed range of custom engineered blades have been designed for use with the K1, which feature noise-reduced steel cores to further significantly reduce operating noise levels. This range of blades has also been designed to compliment the technical characteristics specifically of the K1 and enhance its cutting performance.

As the K1 has fewer mechanical and moving parts it produces less vibrations making it more comfortable to use and enabling it to be used safely for longer periods of time.

You’re in safe hands and with Built-in Connectivity
The K1 has a centred blade placement for increased stability and control. Its ergonomic handles have been specially developed to be comfortable and further increase control for extra safety while cutting. As the quiet operating K1 does not exhaust hazardous fumes unlike petrol powered saws, it is ideal for indoor use as well as in confined and poorly ventilated areas. It is also equally at homes outdoors and is ideal for use in urban and other noise sensitive areas too.

The built-in connectivity of the K1 enables you to stay on top of runtimes, product location, service status and much, much more, giving you even greater control of your saw. Thanks to embedded connectivity, you also have easier access to software updates for both saws and batteries.

The in-house Husqvarna developed, advanced brushless motor of the K1 is 25% more efficient than a standard brush motor, providing higher and more consistent torque.

The Husqvarna K1 Rescue Saw has been specially developed for use by emergency services and features a decreased weight magnesium blade guard with reflective decals for high visibility in smoke and water spray for enhanced operator control of the cutter, together with a convenient carry strap which allows users to run, walk and climb smoothly with the machine in urgent situations.