Husqvarna 572XP chainsaw

Husqvarna 572XP 18-28" Chainsaw - Petrol (shell only)

Husqvarna 585 | 90cc Petrol Chainsaw | Red Band UK

Husqvarna 585 20-28" 90cc Chainsaw - Petrol (shell only)

Husqvarna 592XP 20-28" 90cc Chainsaw - Petrol (shell only)

The Husqvarna 592XP is a professional 90cc forestry chainsaw with class-leading cutting capacity, high efficiency and matchless performance in all conditions.

A number of trademarks unique to Husqvarna set this 90cc chainsaw apart from the competition. The X-Torq™ engine delivers more power than other similar-spec chainsaws on the market and Auto-Tune™ 3.0 keeps the optimum settings in all conditions. Husqvarna's X-Cut™ chains and X-Tough™ guide bars continue to lead the way in terms of performance and efficiency.


Husqvarna's best machines just got better.

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Model  592XP 20" 592XP 24" 592XP 28"
MPN 970493130 970493124 970493128
Bar Length 20" 24" 28"
Drive Links 72 84 92
Pitch 3/8 3/8 3/8
Gauge .058/1.5mm .058/1.5mm .058/1.5mm
Type C85 C85 C85
Cutter Chisel Chisel Chisel
File Size 5.5mm/7/32" 5.5mm/7/32" 5.5mm/7/32"
Displacement  92.7cc 92.7cc 92.7cc
Power Output 5.6kW 5.6kW 5.6kW
Weight (Excl bar+chain) 7.4kg 7.4kg 7.4kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) POA POA POA

The 592 XP is part of Husqvarna's new 90cc petrol chainsaw range, for professional arborists who demand maximum performance from their machine.

Cut above the Rest

The Husqvarna X-Torq engine provides optimum power and the razor-sharp X-Cut chain cuts through trees like no other. The combination of power and precision puts the 592XP in a league of its own.

Perfectly balanced

The power-to-weight ratio is a further improvement on Husqvarna's already market-leading standards, making it more efficient than competitor models with the same engine displacement. The optimised centre of gravity and lightweight components help get the best results from the power onboard.

Start strong

The 592XP has been engineered to start easily and efficiently in all conditions. A high return on investment is important for such a vital commercial tool, and Husqvarna's build quality is always a priority. Quality components and advanced engineering result in a professional machine that is extremely reliable.