Husqvarna Combi Can

The Husqvarna Combi Can is an absolute must have for any owner of a 2-Stroke chainsaw, regardless of its price or who it was manufactured by.

This handy and highly portable fuel storage container has two separate integrated chambers, one for appropriately mixed 2-Stroke fuel (with a 5 litre capacity), the other for chain oil (with a 2.5 litre capacity), making mixing the correct fuel mix in the field easy work - simply by adding a 0.1L dosage bottle of good quality 2-Stroke oil. Integrated level windows provides users with a quick and easy means of visually checking fuel and oil levels.

It also features detachable fuel and oil spouts with overfill protection and mechanical locks to prevent accidental opening and leakage, enabling users to refuel their chainsaw without spillages, splashing or overfilling it. The spouts can also be rotated into a parking position to prevent damage during transportation.

For added convenience the Combi Can is equipped with a highly practical and convenient integrated tool box for frequently used tools, spare parts, replacement chains and filing equipment. A strategically placed handle with optimal lifting ergonomics aids portability and the refuelling process.

The Husqvarna Combi Can is approved in accordance with UN recommendations too.

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MPN 5807542-01
Volume Petrol Storage 5 litres
Volume Chain Oil Storage 2.5 litres
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