Husqvarna Disc Cutters

Husqvarna Disc Cutters

Husqvarna is the number one brand of disc cutters in the UK, and this position is maintained through constant innovation and development. The machines are built to last, highly servicable and energy efficient.

Husqvarna disc cutters are available in a wide range of different styles and power sources, and there is a class-leading power saw suitable for any application. Husqvarna's constant innovation and development means that each model of disc cutter incorporates the best levels of quality.

Husqvarna saws are famous for their reliability and performance, and Red Band can service and repair all models in the range.

Husqvarna Petrol Disc Cutters

The flagship petrol disc cutter for Husqvarna is the K770, which has evolved from the extremely popular K760 model. As well as the standard version, there is the Oilguard, Rescue and VAC styles. The K770 Oilguard, like its predecessor, features a detection system that monitors the levels of oil in the machine. A special pigment in the Oilguard oil indicates its presence, and the machine will switch to limp mode when insufficient oil levels are detected. This protects the engine from under-lubrication and is ideal for hire companies.

The K770 Rescue saw is designed for extreme conditions where visibility and mobility is restricted. It is suitable for cutting almost any material quickly, with provisions such as an oversized handle and carry strap for rescue workers wearing gloves and protective gear.

The K770 VAC is based on the petrol-powered K770 model but with a dust vacuum system that can be connected to an external dust extractor.

The Husqvarna K970 brings extra power and up to 145mm of cutting depth alongside improved fuel efficiency and general performance improvements over the predecessor.

Husqvarna's K1270 is for demanding jobs and is the top petrol disc cutter in the range.

Husqvarna Electric Disc Cutters

Electric disc cutters are suitable for indoor use as the electric motor is significantly quieter than petrol or diesel engines.

Husqvarna's popular K3000 Electric disc cutter has made way for the K4000 model, which is destined to become the most popular 110V handheld power cutter on the market. 

Wet cutting is traditionally only possible with fuelled machines because of the dangers associated with electric devices. However, the K 4000 is a 110V electric disc cutter with a regulating water valve to ensure the correct level of water flow. 

The Husqvarna PRIME 6500 is a high frequency cutter capable of much quicker cutting thanks to the 3-phase supply from the associated high frequency powerpack.

Husqvarna Hydraulic Disc Cutters

The Husqvarna K2500 is a highly powerful disc cutter with a hydraulic flow rate of up to 40 litres per minute.