Husqvarna K770 VAC Petrol Disc Cutter

The Husqvarna K770 VAC has all the specifications and performance prowess of the flagship K770 machine with an additional dust extraction system. The 2" hose takes the dust away from the impact point and can be connected to an external dust extractor such as the Husqvarna S26.

Due to the repositioned guard and pulley, the K 770 VAC can cut to a maximum depth of up to 122mm with a 12" blade, which is almost as deep as you can get using a standard 14" machine. 

Husqvarna recommends the new Vari-Cut S35 Turbo blade, which has a softer bond suitable for lower RPMs. The spin speed of the K770 VAC is optimised for dust extraction, and the special laser-welded S35 blade is designed to achieve the best results in this scenario. 

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Model K770 12" VAC (only) K770 12" VAC (c/w blade)
MPN 967860701 967860701
Engine Air-cooled 2-stroke Air-cooled 2-stroke
Displacement 74 cm³ 74 cm³
Power 3.7kW 3.7kW
Maximum Blade Capacity 300mm 300mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 122mm 122mm
Weight (Machine Only) 11kg 11kg
Vibrations (front/rear) 4.0m/s² / 2.8m/s² 4.0m/s² / 2.8m/s²
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1025.00 (saw only) £1105.00 (with blade)


The latest disc cutter from Husqvarna, the K770 is now available with a dry dust extraction system. The new Husqvarna K770 VAC features an integrated gearbox, repositioned pulley and improved blade guard. This reconfiguration enables an increased cutting depth of up to 122mm.

Dust extraction on standard disc cutter models would traditionally require a water feed but the K770 Vac enables dry dust extraction. The retractable dust flap underneath the blade collects dust from the point of impact of the blade, and feeds it to your vacuum system via the hose.

You get all the features and benefits of the other Husqvarna K 770 models such as the EasyStart and DuraStarter technology, efficient fuel-to-power ratio, longer service intervals and much, much more.

Low vibrations in the handle mean that this power cutter can be used extensively compared to other machines without risking injury or discomfort.

K770 VAC is available for as little as £1025.00 + VAT if you already have a suitable blade, or for just £80.00 more (£1105.00 + VAT) you can get the saw package containing a 12" Husqvarna Vari-Cut S35 Turbo blade which itself has a RRP of £130.

Easy to connect

Connect the 2'' hose to an external dust extractor such as the Husqvarna DC1400

Effective cutting

Get superior dry cutting performance from the powerful engine and excellent dust control.

Increased cutting depth

The 12" capacity cutter delivers a cutting depth of 122mm, close to that of the standard 14" model. This is achieved through an integrated gearbox, repositioned pulley and 60mm flange. 

Easy and optimal belt tensioning

The SmartTension technology prolongs the uptime of your machine and preserves the life of the belt by ensuring optimum levels of tensioning.

All the features of the flagship model

Visit the K770 standard page to see the other features of this pioneering machine