Husqvarna K770 SmartGuard Petrol Disc Cutter

The Husqvarna K770 SmartGuard features a special extended blade guard which increases cut accuracy and user safety. 

Featuring all the benefits of the standard K770 machine, the SmartGuard represents another innovation by Husqvarna.

Consistent positioning and technique can be difficult when using a disc cutter, but the SmartGuard features a guide to ensure that cutting technique and accuracy is optimal. Reduced kickback is another benefit from correct positioning.

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£894.00 £745.00
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Model K770 14" SmartGuard (only) K770 14" SmartGuard (c/w blade)
MPN 970460001 970460001
Engine Air-cooled 2-stroke Air-cooled 2-stroke
Displacement 74 cm³ 74 cm³
Power 3.7kW 3.7kW
Bore Size 20mm/25.4mm 20mm/25.4mm
Maximum Blade Capacity 350mm 350mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 125mm 125mm
Weight (Machine Only) 11.1kg 11.1kg
Vibrations 2.4 m/s² 2.4 m/s²
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £745.00 (saw only) £780.00 (saw package)

If you already have a suitable blade you can choose the Husqvarna K770 SmartGuard machine only for just £715.00 + VAT (£858.00). Alternatively, the saw package includes a genuine 14" Husqvarna Tacti-Cut S50+ for just £750.00 + VAT (£900.00). This saves over £50 on the diamond blade!

Increased Safety

With health and safety becoming increasingly important on site, Husqvarna's SmartGuard product adds an extra element of safety

Increased Accuracy

The guard itself is also a guide, ensuring that your cutting stance is precise according to best practice. This also reduces the chances of kickbacks because correct positioning means efficient power distribution

Increased Control

The spring mechanism means that you can push it against the block you are cutting, but also the metal hook is convenient to be held by your leading (usually left) hand to keep it away from the area of operation.

For operating advice on disc cutters, see Husqvarna's Power Cutter Guide.