Clipper Jumbo 900 36" Block Saw -415V Electric

The Jumbo 900 block saw is an easily manoeuvrable saws deigned to facilitate the cutting of large manageable pieces of natural stone and similarly sized masonry/building materials, concrete products etc.

Mounted on four lockable wheels, the Jumbo 900 is ideal for static installation or mobile site cutting applications. In order to physically accommodate larger work pieces, the Jumbo range have a fixed material table which can be loaded from overhead. All controls are mounted on the side of the machine, allowing the cutting head to traverse without impediment, via a hand wheel mechanism.

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MPN 70184613939
Voltage 415V Electric
Fuse/Generator 32A/19KVA
Maximum Cutting Length 720mm
Blade Capacity 900mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 370mm
Weight 320kg
HAV rating (m/s²) <2.5
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £3999.00

• Integral water tank with re-circulating water feed permitting dust free cutting
• Hand wheel feed cutting head traverse
• Side mounted controls for increased safety by virtue that the operator is remote from the cutting process
• Spring balanced lockable cutting head, easily raised and lowered by hand
• Consistent depth cutting, aided by means of an indicated graduated scale