Norton Clipper Jumbo 651 26" Block Saw - 415V

The Clipper Jumbo 651 is a powerful, robust, compact block saw with an impressive 265mm maximum cutting depth and 500mm cutting length.

It is designed to cut a wide variety of natural stones, refractories, masonry materials and concrete products up to 280mm high and 50kgs in weight. It is ideal for cutting 9” standard concrete building and insulation blocks, allowing them to be cut without the material being manually reversed, saving both operator time and money.

Being 415V 3phase electric, the Jumbo 651 is perfect for continuous industrial cutting operations and site use. It is mounted on 4 wheels (two of which are lockable) making it highly portable and suitable for mobile use and static installation alike, as well as easy movement around the work site as required. The 651 features an integral electric water pump and capacious water reservoir to facilitate wet cutting.

The Jumbo 651 is available in 415V 3ph electric only. 32A 3-phase supply.

Jumbo 651 (415V 3ph) - (7.5hp/5.5kW). Max cutting length 500mm. Max cutting depth 265mm. 212kg.

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  Jumbo 651
MPN 70184614005
Voltage 415V Electric
Fuse 32A (3-phase)
Motor Power 7.5Hp/5.5kW
Maximum Cutting Length 500mm
Blade Capacity 650mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 265mm
Maximum Material Height 280mm
Maximum Material Weight 50kg
Bore Size 25.4mm/1"
Table Size 600 x 500mm
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)
1700 x 800 x 1480mm
Weight 212kg
HAV rating <2.5 m/s²
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £3,050.00

The 651 is highly portable, powerful, convenient and easy to use. It features a strong, stable and generously sized conveyor cart (600 x 500mm) with a long and extended handle for safety purposes by distancing the operator more from the machine and blade. This allows material (up to 280mm high) to be safely and easily loaded for cutting by the operator. The maximum cutting depth is 265mm, more than sufficient to cut many masonry materials and lightweight concrete products without manually having to reverse the material in order to cut all the way through the product. This in itself can greatly improve productivity levels, save valuable operator time and reduce operating costs.

The Jumbo 651 is robustly made. Its heavy-duty frame and strong conveyor cart combine to provide a stable platform, which is essential for excellent cutting accuracy and results. The saw has 4 wheels mounted, one of each of its legs, 2 of which are fitted with a locking device, which enables them to be locked into a fixed position. This improves the saw stability in when in a static, fixed position, operator safety and accuracy of cuts. The saw also has 4 conveniently located lifting points for ease of movement, which can also be used to safely secure the saw whilst in transit. The integral electric water pump and large water pan permit wet cutting and effective dust suppression. Access to the water pan for drainage and cleaning is also easy, as is other general routine maintenance.

Blades are simple and easy to interchange, thanks to the design of the blade guard, which opens to allow the operator easy and unrestricted access. The 651 also features a spring loaded cutting head which is easy to change and lock into the desired working position of your choice that best suits the characteristics of the material being cut.