Clipper CM42 16" Masonry Saw -110V Electric

Clipper CM35 14" Mini Clipper Block Paving Saw - 110V Electric

In 2004 Norton Clipper launched the Mini Clipper block paviour saw, the first production saw of its type specifically designed for cutting block pavers.

Production of the Mini Clipper continued through to 2011 during which time the little block paving saw became iconic, indeed demand for the product has continued on an almost weekly basis for over a decade since it was last produced.

Due to popular demand the Mini Clipper is not only back, but back, new and improved – welcome if you would please, the all new Norton CM35 Mini Clipper.

As the CM 35 is designed specifically for primarily cutting paving blocks, its intended use is on the ground, next to where the blocks are being laid, so the user does not need to change their working position. The intention being a more conducive, more productive, more ergonomic, less strenuous means of cutting.

Minimum 5kVA CONTINUOUS rated transformer required. 

£1,014.00 £845.00
RRP from £1,742.40 Inc. VAT
Optional Extras


CM35 Mini Clipper
MPN 70184607578
Voltage 110V Electric
Amp rating 32A
Required generator  5kVA continuous
Motor power 2.2kW / 3Hp
Maximum Cutting Length 340mm
Blade Capacity 350mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 125mm
Weight 40kg
RPM 2800
Dust port diameter 40mm
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £845.00

Minimum 5kVA CONTINUOUS rated transformer required.

Unlike larger masonry saws the CM35 Mini Clipper is designed specifically for its intended use, so is physically significantly smaller, more compact, easier to transport/store, lighter in weight (only 40kgs!), easier to handle and more adept for being used in confined spaces. Additionally, the CM 35 features an integrated dust extractor port for dry cutting applications, or can alternatively be connected to a hose for wet cutting. Optional water tray and pump can be supplied.

The Norton CM35 Mini Clipper is however not just a highly efficient paviour cutting saw, it is also a highly versatile and practical mini masonry saw, ideal for cutting a wide range of similar small masonry materials such as bricks, roof tiles etc, thanks to its 14”/350mm blade capacity and generous 5”/125mm maximum cutting depth.

Sturdy and compact

Get the usual quality engineering you'd expect from Clipper plus a compact design that is portable and easy to store. Place on the floor so that you can quickly cut your next block without having to relocate to the workbench.



Pendular cutting head

Maximised blade life and efficient step cutting from the adjustable head gives you an excellent cutting experience.

Wet & dry cutting

Connect the attached water hose to a water supply with optional water tray and pump for wet cutting to maximise the life of the blade. Or cut dry for your convenience.

Upgradable for your comfort

You can choose to add the wheels and handles kit using the drop-down menu above, which gives you the ability to drag and push the CM35 to more convenient positions. See it in action on the video on this page.

Choose the right blade

The CM35 does not include a blade unless you choose it from the additional drop-down menu. We recommend a 14" / 350mm blade Norton Clipper's Universal range. The Pro Universal Laser is an excellent balance of value for money and performance, whilst the Extreme Universal Laser would last longer due to its optimised configuration of diamond segments. If you are working in noise-sensitive environments, the Extreme Universal Silencio is engineered to minimise noise when cutting.

For more blade recommendations please check our Norton Clipper diamond blade guide