Flat Wire Texture Broom - 48” (½” Spacing)

The Flat Wire Texture Broom is a popular tool used to produce a uniform and rough groove on the surface of wet concrete and in the process create a non-skid surface with improved traction and a degree of surface drainage too.

It is commonly used to produce a non-skid surface on pathways, ramps, bridge decks, roads and cattle pens. It can also be used to effectively reduce road noise produced by tyres on concrete road surfaces when used to groove the road surface in the same direction as traffic flow.

The texture broom is 1220mm/48” wide with 125mm/5” blue steel spring tines l tines spaced 12.7mm/½” apart (centre to centre). These tines are stiff enough to create a groove in wet concrete, whilst supple enough to provide slight “give” for durability and feature an adjustable handle that allows the correct amount of pressure to be applied without detriment to the comb head.

Aluminium snap handles (35mm dia. x 1830mm long each) can be added to suit individual requirements and are available as optional extras.

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