Big Blue Glider Trowel

The Big Blue glider trowel is constructed from blue carbon steel and is designed to provide a super smooth manual surface finish to concrete flat work, often eliminating the need to power float.

A choice of four Big Blue Glider Trowels is available; 900mm/3ft, 1200mm/4ft, 1500mm/5ft and 1800mm/6ft.

Each blade has a uniform width of 300mm/12” and curved ends to eliminate lap marks, regardless of blade length

They can be used with either a composite or alloy manual knucklehead gearbox, or alternatively with a MagVibe Pro GEN 3 high-frequency knucklehead which will transform them into a high-performance vibrating professional finishing floats. The same knuckleheads are also all fully interchangeable and compatible for use with bull / easy floats, fresno brooms and channel radius floats too.

Snap handles which each measure 1830mm/6ft can then easily be added be added to the knucklehead of your choice, simply snapping the handle sections together until the desired working reach is achieved.

Pick your big blue blade size, add your knucklehead of choice, the number of snap handles you require and why not a carry case to aid portability of handles to and around the jobsite?

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  900mm (3ft) 1200mm (4ft) 1500mm (5ft) 1800mm  (6ft)
MPN CF07 CF08 CF09 CF09A
Blade Size (L x W) 900 x 300mm 1200 x 300mm 1500 x 300mm 1800 x 300mm
Blade Only Weight 6kg* 8kg* 9kg* 10kg*
Our Price (Exc. VAT) From £82.50 From £97.50 From £120.00 From £142.50

*Add 0.9kg for weight of K2 Composite knucklehead, 1.85kg for cast alloy knucklehead and 1.25kg for MagVibe Pro GEN 3.

The thin carbon steel blade of the Big Blue features a reinforcing metal brace to the top surface to which a knucklehead of choice is fitted. This brace provides a degree of rigidity to the thin blade, but provides enough flexibility required for it to create an ultra-fine and smooth finish. Think of it like a giant power float blade.

It is incredibly simple, cost effective, productive, efficient, lightweight and easy to use.

The Big Blue glider blade is simply then fitted to an optional knucklehead of choice to which a number of snap handles are effortlessly connected to provide the operator with the working reach they require. Each knucklehead contains an integral swivel gearbox mechanism which enables the operator to easily change its pitch as the blade is pushed out and drawn back over the work surface. The same knucklehead can then be removed and attached if necessary to a different concrete finishing tool, like a bull float, fresno broom, channel radius float etc.

The addition of the MagVibe Pro GEN 3 high frequency knucklehead will transform any manual concrete float into a high performance, high frequency, vibrating professional float. MagVibe high frequency knucklehead