Battery and Charger Guide for Garden Tools

Husqvarna's new battery powered products are compatible with a small number of batteries and chargers, meaning that you can use the same battery and charger for different models of machine. The BLi200 is the most versatile battery on offer, as it is compatible with chainsaws, brushcutters, trimmers, blowers and mowers. Battery technology has advanced to such a degree that it is now possible to run some professional garden tools all day on a single charge. The BLi10BLi20BLi100, BLi200, BLi300 batteries are versatile enough to work with different machines.

The feasible working time you can get from Husqvarna products depends on a number of factors, such as the specific machine and battery you are using, as well as the thickness of what you are cutting. See Husqvarna's charts below for an idea of how long you can work on one charge:

Husqvarna Battery Guide

** performance is reduced by approximately 30-40% when using BLi10 or BLi100 batteries.

-- certain battery and machine combinations are not compatible

Husqvarna Battery Guide

Husqvarna's battery powered pedestrian mowers represent a breakthrough in battery technology, meaning an end to trailing cables whilst cutting medium sized lawns. 

Husqvarna Battery Guide for Trimmers

Please note that robotic lawnmowers use their own internal batteries that connect to unique docking stations for charging, so the batteries and chargers on this page are not suitable for Husqvarna Automowers or similar machines from other manufacturers.

These pedestrian mowers can be found on the second chart above, and as with all Husqvarna battery powered products, they are compatible with more than one model of battery and charger.

BLi10 967 09 16 01

BLi20 967 09 17 01

BLi100 967 09 18 01

BLi200 967 09 19 01

Which Charger Is Best?

The current range of chargers from Husqvarna have been developed to provide the maximum efficiency and value for Forest and Garden products. The chart below shows how suitable each battery is with each charger. As with every purchasing decision, there is a balance to be made between value and performance. Some consumers may find that they only need to use their machine for a short period of time, and the charging time can reflect that. If you need to use your trimmer, blower, saw or mower more extensively and frequently, then a shorter charging time and longer battery duration is worth the additional cost.

Husqvarna Charger Comparison

If you need any assistance whilst choosing your garden machine or battery or charger, you can contact Red Band on 0116 2602601 or start a web chat on the website during office hours. For email enquiries please use [email protected], or if you're local to us, you can visit our showroom in Leicester.