Husqvarna BLi300 36V Battery

Integrated pro-battery with exceptionally high capacity. Designed to optimize productivity and long runtime in all weather conditions. Available in several configurations, it is an affordable way to increase uptime without having to invest in backpack batteries.Efficient cooling and intuitive 4-LED charge indicator.

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535iXP 120i T535iXP 530iPT5/530iP4 115iPT4 520iRX/520iLX 315iC 115iL
Carpentry Pruning Logs Pruning Pruning Pruning Light Tough Light Tough Light
BLi10 1hr 10min 30min 10min - 50min 40min 40min 30min 15min 25min 15min 30min
BLi20 2hr 30min 1hr 25min 35min 1hr 45min - 1hr 30min 1hr 30min 50min 30min 1hr
BLi100 1hr 30min 40min 15min - 1hr - 50min 40min 20min 30min 20min 40min
BLi200 3hr 1hr 15min 35min 45min 2hr 15min 2hr 2hr 1hr 20min 40min 1hr 35min 1hr 15min
BLi300 5hr 30min 2hr 15min 1hr - 4hr 3hr 30min 3hr 30min 2hr 30min 1hr 15min 1hr 45min 1hr -
The list above represents just a selection of Husqvarna's battery products. Please see our Battery and Charger Guide for the full compatibility list
  • Battery capacity
    9.4 Ah
  • Battery voltage
    36 V
MPN: 967071901
EAN: 7392930136786