Husqvarna BLi200 36V Battery

Pro-specified integrated battery with high capacity, designed to work in all weather conditions. Robust construction enables up to 1500 recharges. Features efficient cooling and intuitive 4-LED charge indicator.


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535iXP 120i T535iXP 530iPT5/530iP4 115iPT4 520iRX/520iLX 315iC 115iL
Carpentry Pruning Logs Pruning Pruning Pruning Light Tough Light Tough Light
BLi10 1hr 10min 30min 10min - 50min 40min 40min 30min 15min 25min 15min 30min
BLi20 2hr 30min 1hr 25min 35min 1hr 45min - 1hr 30min 1hr 30min 50min 30min 1hr
BLi100 1hr 30min 40min 15min - 1hr - 50min 40min 20min 30min 20min 40min
BLi200 3hr 1hr 15min 35min 45min 2hr 15min 2hr 2hr 1hr 20min 40min 1hr 35min 1hr 15min
BLi300 5hr 30min 2hr 15min 1hr - 4hr 3hr 30min 3hr 30min 2hr 30min 1hr 15min 1hr 45min 1hr -
The list above represents just a selection of Husqvarna's battery products. Please see our Battery and Charger Guide for the full compatibility list
  • Battery capacity
    5.2 Ah
  • Battery voltage
    36 V
MPN: 967091901
EAN: 7392930136762