Husqvarna BLi100 36V Battery - 2.6Ah

The Husqvarna BLi100 is a powerful 36V Lithium-Ion battery designed for domestic, heavy-domestic, professional and continuous use alike.

This high-capacity battery is suitable for use in all weather conditions and is particularly ideally suited for use with Husqvarna 500 Series professional battery powered products.

The BLi100 has a high power to weight ratio and can also be used to power Husqvarna 100, 200 & 300 Series battery powered products too.

It has a robust construction and features an intuitive 4-LED charge indicator, active cooling together with an integral battery management system for extended product life.

BLi100 (Li-ion) - 36V. 2.6Ah. 93.6Wh. Up to 1500 cycles. 0.9kg.

  • Continuous use
  • All weather use
  • Active cooling
  • Battery management system
  • Up to 1500 charging cycles of operation

The BLi100 is compatible with all Husqvarna C and QC battery chargers (see chart below for associated charging times).

For more information on product run times using a BLi100, click here.

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MPN 967091801
Battery Type Li-ion
Battery Voltage 36V
Battery Capacity
Battery Output Power 93.6Wh
Charge Cycles Up to 1500 charges
Dimensions (W x H x L) 98 x 115.6 x 132mm
Weight 0.9kg
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £110.00

The table below illustrates approximate charging timescales for the BLi100 using the range of different Husqvarna battery chargers available:

Charger Model BLi100 Charging Times
80% 100%
40-C80 (80W) 1 hr 30 min 1 hr 35 min
QC80/QC80F (80W) 1 hr 5 min 1 hr 25 min
QC250 (250W) 30 min 50 min
QC330 (330W) 30 min 50 min
QC500 (500W) 30 min 50 min

*Required battery temperature for charging: Min 5oC. Max 40oC.


The power of the BLi100 is designed to stay high and constant throughout its operation.

Its intelligent discharge management protects cells from deep discharge and ensures extra long lifetime.