ALPHADECK™ Platform Step Ladder

The ALPHADECK® is a convenient and easy to use variable-height platform ladder with saloon-bar gate style entry, all-round guard protection for improved operator safety and built-in castors for enhanced mobility (certified to EN131-7).

It is designed with safety in mind, to provide a safe and stable working platform for a single user on both flat surfaces and stairs; making it ideal for use by a wide variety of trades, in a diverse range of industries and work environments - from warehouses to construction sites.

This highly versatile and innovative piece of low-level access equipment has a smaller footprint than many other competitor platforms and is one of the most convenient single-person use platform steps available. It is available in a choice of working heights, 3-4 rung, 4-6 rung or 5-8 rung. Its’ aluminium construction makes it lightweight, yet strong and durable, making it easy to transport to and around site.

The ALPHADECK® is has an extra-large working platform complete with 360o quadrails, toe board and built-in ergonomic tool tray that enables users to work comfortably with both hands. It also has twist lock stabilisers to provide maximum stability, even in the most compact spaces, together with height adjustment which enables you to work safely almost anywhere.

ALPHADECK® 3-4R - 3-4 Rung. Max Working Height 2.71-2.89m. Max Platform Height 0.71-0.89m. 24.69kg.

ALPHADECK® 4-6R - 4-6 Rung. Max Working Height 3.16-3.56m. Max Platform Height 1.16-1.56m. 28.73kg.

ALPHADECK® 5-8R - 5-8 Rung. Max Working Height 3.39-3.79m. Max Platform Height 1.39-1.79m. 32.09kg.

The platform capacity SWL (Safe Working Load) of the ALPHADECK® is 150kg.

The ALPHADECK® platform step has been built with sustainability in mind and is 90% recyclable. Any element of it can be replaced as necessary over time to further increase its lifespan too. It is also supplied with all the needless packaging removed, so there is less plastic waste to be disposed of.


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In stock


  Alphadeck 3-4R Alphadeck 4-6R Alphadeck 5-8R
MPN 5604620060137 5604620060144 5604620060151
Maximum Working Height 2.71 - 2.89m 3.16 - 3.56m 3.39 - 3.79m
Maximum Platform Height 0.71 - 0.89m 1.16 - 1.56m 1.39 - 1.79m
Platform Capacity SWL 150kg 150kg 150kg
Folded Dimensions (W x H x L) 650 x 490 x 2230mm 660 x 490 x 2490mm 660 x 490 x 2760mm
Overall Width 0.7m 0.7m 0.7m
Overall Height 1.81 - 1.99m 2.04 - 2.37m 2.29 - 2.99m
Gross Weight 24.6kg 28.73kg 32.09kg
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