Red Band VSA55 Dual Beam Screed - Petrol

The VSA55 dual beam screed is a long established, industry proven and highly popular means of simultaneously surface levelling, vibrating and compacting bays of newly poured concrete.

It is designed to be mounted on a variety of aluminium beam sets, ranging typically from 3.6 to 7.2m in length and which sit on the formwork spanning the slab to be worked.

The VSA55 unit is designed so that maximum vibration is concentrated on the lead beam to level and compact the concrete, with lighter vibration applied to the trailing beam for a smooth finish.

It has a jig welded steel frame and is built to withstand the rigours of heavy site use and the toughest site conditions, making it ideal for contractor and rental use alike.

VSA55 (Honda petrol) - (5.5Hp/4.0kW). Consolidation depth 150-200mm. 50kg.

Aluminium sets are available as optional extras and sold complete with threaded tie-bars and wooden packers as standard.

*The use of 2 x drive units is recommended for beam sets >6.2m to achieve maximum consolidation along the entire beam length.

**7.2m beam sets are available for collection only (from LE7 3XA).


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Engine Honda GX160 Petrol
Gross Power 5.5Hp/4.0kW
Nett Power 4.8Hp/3.6kW
Dimensions (W x H x L) 535 x 430* x 910mm
Weight 50kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1166.25

*excludes 1m operating handle

The main operating (pull) handle of the VSA55 is mounted on large anti-vibration mountings and has an adjustable pitch for optimum operator comfort, control and easy pulling. It can also be quickly and easily removed for ease of transportation and storage too.

The VSA55 is equipped with a large eccentric amplitude which creates powerful vibratiions which transmit along the beam lengths to which it is attached, vibrating, compacting and smoothing the concrete in the process. The engine is mounted on 4 rubber dampeners which combined with the two large handle dampeners combine to greatly reduce operator vibration exposure levels and safe usage times. These dampeners also help to protect and improve the life of the engine too by isolating it from the vibrations produced.

The frame of the VSA dual beam screeder has 6 quick release clamps for fast and easy connection and disconnection from the corresponding aluminium beam set of choice, reducing set-up time.

The aluminium beam sets to which the VSA is mounted on have a C-channel profile. The distance between the two beams is adjustable thanks to the threaded tie-bars supplied with the beam sets, with both solid faces travelling in the same direction to effectively push, level and smooth the concrete. Wooden packers are also supplied which pack out the open section of the beam channel and provide resistance for the clamps to bind onto.

The threaded bars are equipped with a loop to which either I-section beam end handles (available as an optional extra) can be affixed to, or alternatively rope.

Vibrating twin beam screeds are highly favoured for striking off concrete because of their rugged, but simplistic, efficient, productive and durable design, together with their ease of use and fast screeding capability.

The VSA-55 has a reinforced steel construction and is partcularly strong and robust. As the engine is mounted well clear of the surface level, it is not as exposed as other types of pedestrain screeds. It is also equipped with shields which further protect the machine in use and transit, and also further extends the product life.