Red Band VSA55 Vibrating Screeder Aluminium Beam Sets

Aluminium beam sets are designed to be used in conjunction with vibrating screed drive units like the Red Band VSA and other compatible competitor products, which are mounted onto them and which transmit the vibrations created along the beam length(s) to level and compact the newly poured concrete slab.

Red Band aluminium beam sets have a C-channel profile, being the preferred style of many because of its ease of use, transportation and storage.

Beams sets are supplied as standard complete with threaded tie-bars which are easily adjustable to achieve the desired distance between the two beams and wooden packers to fill the void and provide a solid surface for the drive unit to be clamped to.

The threaded bars are equipped with a loop to which either I-section beam end handles (available as an optional extra) can be affixed to, or alternatively rope.

**7.2m beam sets are available for collection only (from LE7 3XA).


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*The use of 2 x drive units is recommended for beam sets >6.2m to achieve maximum consolidation along the entire beam length.