Husqvarna WT15i Battery Powered Water Pump

The Husqvarna WT15i is a battery powered water pump for effective dust suppression with a 3m hose to connect to a handheld power cutter or drill motor.

The WT15i provides a consistant flow of water with no loss of pressure, which alleviates the need for manual pumping. This increases efficiency when wet cutting and drilling, which helps to preserve the life of the diamond tool.

A natural successor to the incredibly popular WT15B, this 15 litre water tank now runs on the same Husqvarna BLi batteries that power a host of Husqvarna tools. The QC80 charger sits onboard the device and the recommended BLi100 battery is interchangeable with BLi200 and BLi300 batteries, which can also be charged using the QC330 and QC500.

This battery powered water pump is shipped complete with 1 x BLi100 battery and 1 x QC80 charger


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MPN 599 58 24-07
Tank Volume 15L
Max Pressure 0.9bar
Integrated Hose Length 3M
Weight (machine only) 3.6Kg
Battery Capacity 2.6 Ah
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £353.00

Husqvarna's new WT 15i alleviates the need for manual pumping of water when cutting with a water feed. Wet cutting and wet drilling is recommended because it preserves the life of the diamond product (blade or core bit) and facilitates a cleaner cut.

The WT15i connects to products such as the K770 disc cutter or drill motor using the 3m integrated hose. This longer length hose enables you to set your pump a good distance away from your area of operation so you can cut or drill comfortably.

The WT15i can be used with a multitude of disc cutters and drills from most manufacturers, including the following Husqvarna drills and cutters:

Power Cutters: K1, K970, K770, K1270, K7000, K4000

Drill Motors: DM200, DM220, DM230, DM280, DM400, DM430

This portable water pump features everything you need for wet cutting or wet drilling on site. Just add water!