Husqvarna WT15i Pressurised Water Tank - Battery

The Husqvarna WT15i is a compact and easy to use battery powered water tank that is designed to enable you to work more efficiently by dispensing a constant and pressurised water flow without manual pumping like conventional water tanks require, providing the freedom to work without the constant interruption of having to manually pump (hands-free operation for up to 30 mins).

It is the ideal time, labour, money and inconvenience saving accompaniment for use with a variety of tools and equipment, like disc cutters, diamond drills etc, which use water as both an effective means of dust suppression and as a tool coolant.

The WT15i has a compact, convenient and highly portable design, which permits easy handling, use, transportation and storage.

WT15i - 15 litre tank capacity. Two-speed. Maximum water pressure 0.9 bar. 3.6kg (shell only).

Supplied complete with a 3m long hose with push-fit hose connectors, battery level indicator and Auto-stop function.

Designed for use with Husqvarna B70-140, BLi30 and BLi100-300 Pro-Grade Li-ion batteries.

The WT15i can be purchased as a shell only, with batteries and charger picked to suit individual budgets, desired runtimes and longevity.

Alternatively available in a package form complete with battery and charger at a reduced concessionary price.
Package 1: WT15i c/w BLi100 Pro-Grade battery and C80 charger.
Package 2: WT15i c/w B140 standard battery and C80 charger.

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  WT15i - Shell Only WT15i - Package 1 WT15i - Package 2
MPN 5995823-02 5995824-07 5995824-11
Tank Capacity 15L 15L 15L
Supplied with Battery & Charger? No. Yes. BLi100 & C80. Yes. B140 & C80.
Max Pressure 0.9bar 0.9bar 0.9bar
Integrated Hose Length 3m 3m 3m
Product Dimensions (W x H x L) 172 x 460 x 550mm 172 x 460 x 550mm 172 x 460 x 550mm
Weight 3.6kg* 3.6kg* 3.6kg*
Our Price (Exc. VAT) From £252.00 £353.00 £373.00

*Excluding battery, charger and water

Although manufactured by Husqvarna and principally intended for use with a wide range of Husqvarna products, the WT15i is also fully compatible and suitable for use with a wide variety of disc cutters, diamond drills and other equipment manufactured by other competitor companies.

The 3m long hose supplied with the WT15i limits the frequency with which the tank needs to be physically moved whilst you work, allowing you to work without the constant interruption caused by having to continually resite the tank.

Using water as a coolant and aid/assist when cutting, drilling or grinding with diamond tool has long since been recommended as it is recognised to help to cool and preserve the life of a diamond product, facilitate a cleaner finish and provide effective dust suppression.