Husqvarna OilGuard Two-Stroke Oil (Packs of 0.1 litre Bottles)

Packs of 10 x 0.1 litre bottles of Husqvarna high quality OilGuard two-stroke oils, meets Jaso FB/ISO EGB standards and is suitable for use in Husqvarna OilGuard machines, all standard two-stroke disc cutters, plus all standard two stroke products found/used in the construction industry.

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MPN: 790900001

Choose one pack of 10 bottles, or make a saving of over 25% per bottle when you buy 100 bottles (10 packs of 10 bottles). This oil is suitable for all applicable 2-stroke Husqvarna power cutters, and it is compatible with the OilGuard style machines.

When used with a Husqvarna OilGuard disc cutter such as the K770 OilGuard, this oil helps avoid misfuelling mistakes. OilGuard machines detect the pigment in the oil and ensure that it only runs at 100% when the fuel/oil mix is correct.