Husqvarna OilGuard Universal 2-Stroke Oil

Husqvarna OilGuard two-stroke oil is a quality universal oil which has been specially developed for use with equipment used in dusty environments like construction sites.

This high-quality lubricant complies with the highest JASO/ISO-Global EBD standards and is ideal for use with all air-cooled 2-stroke engines too, not just those produced by Husqvarna.

OilGuard oil is supplied in a convenient 0.1 litre dosage bottle, with 10 x 0.1 litre bottles being supplied per pack.

The small 0.1 litre dosage bottles are also not only incredibly easy to carry, store and dispense, they also help to prevent misfuelling mistakes too.

OilGuard oil also ingeniously contains a pigment which when used in conjunction with the Husqvarna K770 OilGuard disc cutter, is designed to prevent the risk of engine damage caused by wrong oil-fuel mixes. The incorporated optical detection of the K770 OG looks for the presence of the pigment contained in OilGuard oil. If this colorant is not detected, the saw RPM is greatly reduced to prevent potential engine damage. If the saw is to be used with non-OilGuard oil, the user can simply de-activate the detection system, allowing them to use any two-stroke oil.

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