Husqvarna K7000 Chain Concrete Chainsaw - High Frequency

The Husqvarna K7000 Chain is a highly innovative and very powerful electric concrete chainsaw equipped with high frequency PRIME™ technology.

This well-balanced deep-cutting machine is very efficient and easy to use, with low vibrations and incredible cutting capabilities too (up to 450mm deep from one side). It can also be used to cut small openings (as little as 11 x 11cm), form pockets for beams, cut square corners and irregular shapes. It is the perfect accompaniment for use with the K7000 Ring and a great complement to wall saws to avoid overcutting corners.

The K7000 Ring uses revolutionary Diamond Chain Technology (DCT), which enable it to a wide variety of concrete and construction materials. It is ideal for creating door and window openings, new construction, minor adjustments, remodelling work, external demolition, cutting concrete piles, foundation work, deep cutting applications and much, much more.

It is equipped with a 3-phase electric motor which is rated @ 16amps and can be connected to both a 1-phase and 3-phase power.

A variety of different custom-engineered diamond chains are available for this wet-cutting (mandatory) wonder tool.

  • Vari-C45 Chain - for medium concrete and occasional cutting of brickwork and soft concrete.
  • Elite-C20 Chain - for hard concrete, natural stones and occasional cutting of soft and medium concrete.  
  • Elite-C45 Chain - for medium and soft concrete, and occasional cutting of brickwork and hard concrete.  
  • Elite-C70 Chain - for abrasive building blocks, brickwork and occasional cutting of soft concrete.  

K7000 Chain (HF electric) - 5.5kW. Bar Length 450mm. Max Cut Depth 450mm. 9.1kg*.

The K7000 Chain can be purchased as a machine only or as a package (c/w 18” Elite-bar & Husqvarna Vari-C45 diamond chain) at a reduced concessionary price.

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  K7000 Chain - Machine Only K7000 Chain - Package
MPN 9704497-00 9704497-01
Output Power 5.5kW 5.5kW
Rated Input Power 3/5.5kW 3/5.5kW
Rated Current 10/16A 10/16A
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Voltage 220-240 / 200-480V 220-240 / 200-480V
Guide Bar Size 450mm 450mm
Bar Included? No. Yes.
Maximum Cutting Depth 450mm 450mm
Chain Included? No. Yes.
Sproket Type Rim 8 Rim 8
Recommended Water Pressure 1.5 (min) - 10 bar 1.5 (min) - 10 bar
Minimum Water Volume 8L/min 8L/min
Product Dimensions (W x H x L) 231 x 378 x 443mm 231 x 378 x 443mm
Weight (Machine Only) 9.1kg* 9.1kg*
Vibrations F/R 2.7 / 2.1m/s² 2.7 / 2.1m/s²
Sound pressure level at operators ear 99dB(A) 99dB(A)
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*Excluding cutting equipment

Impressive power
High power output which operates on both 3-phase (.5kW) @ 180-480V and 1-phase (1.5-3kW) @ 120-240V. 

Higher productivity
Increased cutting performance when paired with the Husqvarna PP70 high frequency power pack.

Automatically optimised power and RPM
This saw is controlled by a power pack (PP70) with built-in intelligence that communicates with the machine motor to ensure optimal power and rpm for each cutting job.

Exceptionally low vibrations
Low vibrations levels permit extended periods of safe use.

Deep cutting
Possible to cut 450mm from one side.

Increased comfort and safety
Comfortable stop time on the rotating chain giving increased safety when paired with the PP70.

Perfect for indoor use
A powerful electric cutter suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easy tension of chain
Traditional sturdy tensioning system with screw.