Husqvarna Prime K7000 High Frequency RING SAW

The Husqvarna Prime K7000 Ring Saw is the most powerful electric ring saw in the range, and you can now achieve cutting depth of up to 325mm

This high frequency electric ring saw produces unrivalled power levels whilst keeping vibration levels low and user comfort high. Its 3-phase electric motor is rated at 16 amps and the machine can connect to both single-phase and 3-phase power. 

When you connect a high frequency power pack such as the Husqvarna PP70, the machine automatically detects it and the intelligent power pack delivers optimised power. The result is exceptional performance.

The PRIME K7000 high frequency ring saw comes complete with  1 x 14" (370mm) or 17" (425mm) diamond ring saw blade.

Rated current: 16 amps (3-phase)

Optimised power and rpm

Maximum 270mm cutting depth (14")

Maximum 325mm cutting depth (17")

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  K7000 RING 14" K7000 RING 17"
MPN 970449801
Rated current 16 amp (3 phase) 16 amp (3 phase)
Electric Motor 5.5 kw 5.5 kw
Vibration level on front handle 2.4 m/s² 2.7 m/s²
Vibration level on rear handle 1.5 m/s² 1.9 m/s²
Maximum Cutting Depth 270 mm 325mm
Maximum Blade Diameter 370 mm 425mm
Maximum Peripheral Speed 55 m/s 55 m/s
Sound Level (Ear) 93 dB(A) 99 dB(A)
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**Please note, this high frequency cutter requires a Husqvarna PP70 or PP492 high frequency power pack**

The K7000 RING is part of Husqvarna's PRIME series of high frequency power cutters, offering exceptionally high power whilst maintaining user comfort. Learn more about high frequency power cutting.

**Please note, this high frequency cutter requires a Husqvarna PP70 or PP492 high frequency power pack**

Deep cutting

Compared to a traditional disc cutter, the peripheral drive on the K 7000 Ring Saw enables extra deep cuts. Up to 325mm cutting depth is achievable with the 17" version, which is suitable for wall cutting.

Automatically optimised power and rpm

3-phase (5.5kw) power is controlled using a dynamic power pack, which detects the power demands of the job and ensures optimal power and rpm. The K6500 can be operated with both 3-phase and single phase power.

Exceptionally low vibrations

For such a powerful machine, the hand-arm vibration levels are impressively low. Less than 2.5 m/s² vibration means increased comfort and longer usage time.

Ergonomic design

Another factor to increase comfort and operation time is the well-balanced body and well-positioned handles.

On/Off water trigger

To aid dust suppression and the life of the blade, this ring saw is designed for wet cutting. Water flow is easily adjusted during operation and there is the option to cut without water.

Overload protection

Working with optimal power comes with minimised risk of motor overload thanks to the highly-visible LED indicator