Husqvarna K7000 Ring Saw - High Frequency

The Husqvarna K7000 Ring is a high frequency electric ring saw with a high-power output, exceptional cutting capabilities (up to an incredible 325mm deep).

This well-balanced, high-performance deep cutting saw is equipped with PRIMETM technology and is the most powerful ring saw produced by Husqvarna, with unrivalled power levels. It has a very efficient operation and produces very low vibrations, making it both comfortable and easy to use.

It is equipped with a 3-phase electric motor which is rated @ 16amps and can be connected to both a 1-phase and 3-phase power supply.

Like all Husqvarna rings saws, the K7000 Ring works on the exact same design principle, with the custom-engineered diamond ring blades being driven from their periphery, rather than their centre like conventional handheld cutters. This enables considerably greater cutting depths to be achieved.

The K7000 Ring is available with either a 14” or 17” ring blade capacities.

A variety of different custom-engineered wet-cut diamond ring blades are available for the K7000 Ring Saw to suit both application, performance and budget:

  • Elite-Ring R10 - for hard and medium concrete, stone and occasional cutting of soft concrete.
  • Elite-Ring R20 - for medium concrete and occasional cutting of stone, soft and hard concrete.
  • Elite-Ring R45 - for soft and medium concrete and occasional cutting of hard concrete.

  • Vari-Ring R20 - for medium concrete and occasional cutting of stone, soft and hard concrete.
  • Vari-Ring R45 - for soft and medium concrete and occasional cutting of hard concrete.
  • Vari-Ring R70 - for abrasive building blocks and brickwork.
  • Vari-Ring Pre-Cut - for pre-cutting medium concrete and occasional cutting of soft and hard concrete.

K7000 Ring (HF electric) - 5.5kW. Ring diameter 370/430mm. Max Cut Depth 270/325mm. 12.4/13.1kg*.

The K7000 Ring can be purchased as a machine only or as a 14 or 17” package (c/w Husqvarna Elite-R20 diamond ring) at a reduced concessionary price.

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  K7000 14" Ring - Machine Only K7000 14" Ring - Package K7000 17" Ring - Machine Only K7000 17" Ring Package
MPN 9704498-00
9704498-01 9704499-00 9704499-01
Output Power 5.5kW 5.5kW 5.5kW 5.5kW
Rated Input Power 3/5.5kW 3/5.5kW 3/5.5kW 3/5.5kW
Rated Current 10/16A 10/16A 10/16A 10/16A
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Voltage 220-240 / 200-480V 220-240 / 200-480V 220-240 / 200-480V 220-240 / 200-480V
Ring Blade Size 370mm 370mm 430mm 430mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 270mm 270mm 325mm 325mm
Ring Blade Included? No. Yes 1 x 14" Elite-Ring R20. No. Yes. 1 x 17" Elite-Ring R20.
Product Dimensions (W x H x L) 219 x 438 x 731mm 219 x 438 x 731mm 223 x 472 x 796mm 223 x 472 x 796mm
Weight (Machine Only) 12.3kg* 12.3kg* 13.1kg* 13.1kg*
Vibrations F/R 2.4 / 1.5m/s² 2.4 / 1.5m/s² 2.7 / 1.9m/s² 2.7 / 1.9m/s²
Sound pressure level at operators ear 99dB(A) 99dB(A) 99dB(A) 99dB(A)
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*Excluding cutting equipment

Impressive power
High power output which operates on both 3-phase (.5kW) @ 180-480V and 1-phase (1.5-3kW) @ 120-240V.

Higher productivity
Increased cutting performance when paired with the Husqvarna PP70 high frequency power pack.

Automatically optimised power and RPM
This saw is controlled by a power pack (PP70) with built-in intelligence that communicates with the machine motor to ensure optimal power and rpm for each cutting job.

Exceptionally low vibrations
Low vibrations levels permit extended periods of safe use.

Deep cutting
Thanks to the peripheral drive you can cut far deeper with the K7000 Ring than with a traditional disc cutter.

Increased comfort and safety
Comfortable stop time on the rotating blade giving increased safety when paired with the PP70.

Perfect for indoor use
A powerful electric cutter suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.