Husqvarna K970 Chain Mk III 18" Diamond Chainsaw

The new K970 CHAIN Mark III now uses an improved guide bar for increased cutting depth, up to 450mm (18").

The Husqvarna K970 Chain is a petrol driven diamond chainsaw for wet cutting, using an innovative and revolutionary way to deep cut concrete, precast concrete, reinforced concrete, natural stone, masonry and similar masonry materials. This technology makes the K970 Chain ideal for a wide variety of applications, from cutting, patching, remodelling and external demolition.

Please note, this price is for the machine (drive unit) only. You can use the dropdown options below to add the bar and choose your chain.

The following applies with regards to the new style peripherals:

  • The Husqvarna guide bar and chains will fit ICS diamond chainsaws
  • ICS guide bars and chains will fit Husqvarna diamond chainsaws
  • The K970 Chain does not fit a 16" guide bar (ICS F4) - risk of wearing rim socket
  • Pro45 Chain (ICS F4) does not fit the Husqvarna 18" guide bar - risk of wearing rim out before chain

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£1,740.00 £1,450.00
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RRP from £3,358.80 Inc. VAT
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MPN 967660501
Engine Air-cooled 2 stroke engine
Power 4.8kW
Displacement 94cc
Maximum Cutting Depth (with recommended bar/chain 18"/450mm
Weight 9.4kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1450.00 (machine only)

 Husqvarna Elite Chains

The K970 Chain model of 2020 is the third edition of Husqvarna's flagship masonry chainsaw, which is based on the popular K970, and includes all of the K970's technological and ergonomic advantages. With the K970 Chain you get better access in tight situations, have better control, eliminate over-cuts, can cut square corners and make cuts up to 390mm deep from one side.

This machine is for wet cutting.

The Husqvarna K970 Chain package is to be used with the 18"/450mm bar and your choice of chains. We recommend the Husqvarna Vari-Chain C45 diamond chain which is a good all round chain for medium-soft concrete and standard bricks.

• Highly efficient air filtration which ensures minimum engine wear even in the toughest conditions
• Engine with X-Torq produces 75% less emissions, 20% lower fuel consumption and more power
• Efficient vibration dampening reduces vibrations to less than 5m/s², for more convenient operation
• Easy to start thanks to Air Purge and decompression valve

Diamond chain technology provides an economical, viable, time and labour saving solution for most architectural and engineering needs and is ideal for use by hire/rental companies, general building and remodelling contractors, civil engineers, masonry/stone contractors, utility contractors, landscaping contractors, HVAC/electrical and plumbing engineers, concrete repair and restoration contractors, concrete sawing and drilling contractors and window installation contractors.