Husqvarna QC250 Charger

The Husqvarna QC250 is a compact, desktop quick charger (250W) designed for part-time which is designed for use with most Husqvarna Li-ion batteries (BLi10-300 and B70-140).

The QC250 features active battery cooling for extended battery life together with a helpful LED charge indicator.

It is designed to be used either desktop mounted or used in conjunction with the Husqvarna C80 charging rail, which allows up to 8 x QC250 chargers to be used simultaneously used in sequence and powered from just the one plug socket.

QC250 - 250W. Recommended for use with Husqvarna BLi10-300 Series and B70-140 batteries. 0.7kg.

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MPN 967970102
Charging Power 250W
Recommended Batteries BLi10-300, B70-140
Weight 0.7kg
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