MBW F24 24” Power Float - Petrol (Folding handle)

The MBW F24 is a compact (24” diameter) professional pedestrian walk behind power float that has been specifically designed to trowel and surface finish small areas of wet concrete.

Its compact size makes it ideal for working in smaller and more confined spaces, simply off-limits to larger power floats. It is also ideal for trowelling edges and corners, and its rotating guard ring allows the operator to power float right up to walls, around obstacles etc.

The F24 is the professional contractor’s choice for surface smaller surfaces areas where space is premium and quality of finish paramount.

With it compact size, lightweight, portability and folding handle, the F24 is incredibly easy and compact to transport and store too.

MBW F24 (Honda Petrol) - 24”/600mm dia. Folding handle. Manual blade pitch adjustment. Weight 56kgs.

Supplied with a set of 4 x 24” MBW style combination blades suitable for finishing and floating as standard.


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Engine Honda GX120
Nett Power 3.2Hp/2.4kW
Type 4-Stroke Petrol
Vibration Level 6.4m/sec²
Guard Ring Diameter 24"/600mm dia.
Blade Pitch Adjustment Manual
Handle Type Folding handle
Weight 56kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £1299.00

The F24 can also be used with a 24” diameter float plate/pan which are available to buy as an optional extra, as well as additional replacement sets of 24” MBW style combination blades. Trowel blade alignment permits easy blade alignment and changing on site.

The F24 edger trowel is ideal for those jobs that require a lightweight, highly manoeuvrable and productive professional finishing tool. It is ideal for applications where larger, heavier floats are simply off-limits and perfect for edging in open and the tightest spaces too.