Altrad Belle Construction

Altrad Belle Construction

Altrad Belle is the brand behind the quintessential orange cement mixers seen on construction sites up and down the country. They have been making portable cement mixers since the 1950s, when Belle’s founder designed his first portable site mixer. Since then, Altrad Belle have made innovative steps in concreting, compaction, breaking and moving.

Belle Construction Equipment has a reputation for quality which comes from its stringent testing and quality control at its base in the Peak District in Derbyshire. Not only do they thoroughly test products in the development stage, Belle's QA facility continues to monitor performance and durability against the very best machines coming to the market from competitors. The Altrad Belle badge is a mark of quality.

The company is also proactive in addressing Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) and have developed compaction and cutting equipment to reduce the vibrations whilst maintaining high performance.

Red Band have been working with Altrad Belle for decades and can also supply genuine Belle parts when needed.


Belle Wheelbarrows

When it comes to wheelbarrows, Belle are the leaders of the pack and their Warrior is the strongest builder’s barrow we have ever seen. It is designed for heavy-duty work and built to outlast cheaper alternatives. Belle also own the Bragagnolo brand, associated with the yellow ‘Gardenia’ scaffold hoist barrow.

Belle Cement Mixers

If you see an orange-coloured portable mixer on a construction site in the UK, it’s very likely to be made by Altrad Belle. The Minimix and Premier XT mixers are tried and tested by construction companies and individuals and are famous for their performance and reliability.

Belle Plate Compactors

Also known as whacker plates, the compaction plates by Altrad Belle are made to an extremely high standard, including exceeding the HAUC ‘Streetworks’ specifications for the reinstatement of footpaths. 

Belle Floor Saws

Microtrenching is the process of cutting a channel in the road surface in order to accommodate cabling. This is traditionally done by doing two cuts in the surface, however Altrad Belle developed the Duo 350X which makes simultaneous parallel cuts. This means you can get through the same job in half the time, as you are only making one pass along the trench.

Belle Trench Rammers

Belle are the market leaders in trench rammers, and their RTX range offers the ideal combination of performance and value. For working alongside a microtrenching floor saw, Belle's micro-trenching rammer decreases the time spent on the project, and further reduces the risk of discomfort and injury from vibration.

Belle Masonry Saws

The MS500 is Altrad Belle's flagship table saw for cutting concrete and other masonry materials. With a maximum 560mm cutting length and upto 195mm cutting depth, Belle's 20" masonry saw is versatile enough for most brick and block cutting applications.