Norton Clipper CS451 D7 14-18” Floor Saw - Diesel

The Clipper CS451 is quite simply the No.1 selling floor saw available.

This class leading, well-balanced, extremely user-friendly floor saw has one of the lowest HAV (Hand Arm Vibration) levels on the market too. Not only does this low vibration floor saw meet modern safety standards, it can reduce operator exposure levels up to 40% compared to other competitor models.

The CS451D7 is a Hatz diesel powered version of this incredibly popular, easy to use, control and manoeuvre saw. Product refinements include an easy to read depth gauge and parking brake.

It is suitable for a wide range of cutting applications and the ideal saw of choice for rental and contractor use alike.

The CS 451 is available in a choice of two petrol engines (Kohler or Honda), diesel or 3-phase electric.

CS451 D7 (Hatz diesel) - (7.0Hp/5.0kW). 350/450mm blade capacity. 125/170mm maximum depth of cut. 120kg.

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MPN 70184629089
Engine Hatz IB30 Diesel
Gross Power 7.0Hp/5.0kW
Nett Power 5.6Hp/4.2kW
Blade Capacity 350mm/14" - 450mm/18"
Bore Size 25.4mm/1"
Maximum Cutting Depth 125mm - 170mm
Side of Cut Right hand side only
Vibration Level 4.70m/sec²
Dimensions (W x H x L) 538 x 1040 x 1180mm
Water Tank Capacity 25 Litres
Weight 120kg
Our Price (Exc.VAT) £3,898.00

The Clipper CS451-D7 is the perfect saw for a multitude of cutting applications, including small road repair jobs, patching, reinstatement works, cutting concrete floor slabs, creating expansion joints, cutting trenches, cutting out channels for cabling, induction loops etc. Chances are, if you have driven past or through small road repairs and pavement reinstatement works a CS451 will not have been too far away!

The CS451D7 can be used with 14”/350mm, 16”/400mm and 18”/450mm diameter diamond blades, and used to cut a wide variety of materials, including reinforced concrete, concrete, asphalt over concrete, asphalt etc.

The CS451 D7 has been tested according to the latest European Standard, EN12096/EN13862.

The popularity of the CS451 is understandable, given how comfortable and easy it is to control, manoeuvre and use.

The vibration handlebar can quickly and easily be adjusted to a comfortable working height to suit the individual operator’s personal requirements. Depth control is easy too, thanks to the frame mounted winding handle at the top of the saw, convenient and in close proximity to the operator. This allows fine control of the desired cutting depth, whilst the highly visible and easy to read depth cutting gauge positioned near ground level provides the user with an easily identifiable understanding of the depth that they are cutting at. A locking device can be easily engaged once the desired cutting depth is achieved to prevent the cutting depth exceeding that required.

Three spanners necessary to operate and carry out general maintenance of the saw (change blades etc) are provided and mounted on the dashboard area between the winding handle and main push handle of the saw, for quick and easy access by the operator.

The CS451D7 is supplied with a robust 25 litre high capacity polyurethane water tank permitting wet cutting in remote locations. Alternatively, the water tank can be easily bypassed and a hose connected directly onto the blade guard itself, alleviating the need for constant stops to refill the water tank. A remote on/off switch is located at the top of the saw providing easy and quick access to the operator as required.

Following the line to be cut with a CS451D7 is easy too. The saw has an adjustable front pointer cutting guide which projects out from the front of the saw, together with an additional line of sight indicator affixed to the top of the blade guard, either of which the operator can use to ensure that they are cutting along the line of cut which needs to be followed.