High Frequency Power Cutters

High Frequency Power Cutters

Concrete is known to be one of the harder surfaces to cut, which requires a machine and blade that is powerful enough for the job. For those more demanding projects, a high frequency cutter with an appropriate power pack is warranted in order to maximise the performance whilst tackling concrete.

Whilst the most popular disc cutter models run on petrol, there are certain scenarios that require the clean power of electric. A further boost to power could be achieved with hydraulic machines which use a strong jet of oil to deliver more power. However, there is a range of electric cutters and drills that has been designed to outperform hydraulic machines.

Husqvarna’s PRIME technology is a high frequency power system that delivers unrivalled revolutions per minute on the diamond blade or diamond drill bit using a high frequency power pack.

PRIME does not only refer to its superior class, it is an acronym:


A higher level of power compared to standard electric equipment brings the level akin to that of hydraulic machines.


PRIME high frequency technology sets a new standard for productivity and usability.


The compatible power packs have a plug and play setup to deliver optimal power and rpm


Each high frequency power pack is versatile and interchangeable with multiple machines.


The machines can work off single and 3-phase power without the need for a hydraulic connection.

High Frequency Power

The PRIME K6500 cutter has a very high power output of 5.5kw, which is more than twice that of Husqvarna’s flagship electric cutter, the K3000. Similarly, the PRIME K6500 Ring Saw’s 5.5kw power exceeds even their K3600 hydraulic ring saw.

All this extra power capacity does not come at the expense of user comfort, as both the machines mentioned above have a superb power-to-weight ratio as well as low Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) ratings.

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