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Investing in any new piece of equipment requires careful thought, being stuck with something that is hard to use or isn’t fit for purpose can make for a unproductive and frustrating working week.

Take for example chainsaws; there are a number of options available, so how do you decide the best one for your needs? Well, we have come up with a few tips on things to look for to ensure you choose the right chainsaw for the job…

●Easy start – Make life easier by opting for a chainsaw that reduces the effort needed to start it. The AIRPURGE feature on Husqvarna models pre-primes the carburettor to reduce the number of starting pulls.

●Bar length – The type of work you do will decide the bar length you need. If your work varies, look for one with interchangeable bar lengths, such as the Husqvarna 365, it can be changed from 18” to 20” and 24”.

●Low vibration–Choosing a chainsaw with low vibration is great news in terms of health and safety and user comfort.

●Power source – There are three ways to power a chainsaw: petrol, electric or Li-ion battery. Each has it merits and choosing one over another is dependent on the amount and type of use your chainsaw will get. The Husqvarna T536LiXP for example uses a Li-ion battery that is efficient and powerful and ideal for those working with a chainsaw all-day, every day.

●Weight – A lightweight chainsaw allows for greater ease of use and offers less user fatigue. Look out also for a chainsaw that is well balanced, as this will give greater control and an ergonomic design will improve grip and reduce stress on the operator’s body.

●Durability – Let’s face it, your new chainsaw probably won’t look new for long so opt for a chainsaw that is robust enough to cope, this needn’t make it heavy or cumbersome to use, it should simply be designed to withstand the rigours of working life.

Choosing a brand you can trust is another good way of ensuring the chainsaw you purchase is reliable and up to the task. Here at Red Band we supply chainsaws from leading construction equipment manufacturer, Husqvarna. With a reputation for quality and innovation, our range of Husqvarna chainsaws includes the 236 14”, which is perfect for occasional use such as pruning up to the T540XP which is for professional use on heavy-duty projects.

Whenever working with equipment such as a chainsaw always take proper safety precautions. This includes high visibility clothing, eye protection, ear defenders and gloves.

To find out more about the Red Band range of chainsaws, call a member of the knowledgeable team on 0116 260 2601.


As we approach autumn, our thoughts inevitably turn to the winter months ahead and for gardeners and groundskeepers this means ensuring areas are neat and tidy and ready for spring.

October/November will see the last mows of the year, so to ensure the lawn looks good throughout the winter months, simply, raise the mower blades and once cut, make sure that any cuttings are picked up. This will help prevent wet leaves and grass damaging the lawn and help to prevent slip hazards.

Once you have done your final mow of the year, it’s time to pack away your mower, for those with electric mowers this involves a good clean of the blades and storing the mower somewhere dry and out of reach of children and animals.

However, for those with petrol mowers, follow these five tips for keeping your lawn mower in tip top condition through the winter…

Clean it

Using a dry brush and a plastic tool, ensure all grass and debris is removed from around the blades and filters. Not only will this save you a job come spring but it will help to prevent rusting.

Sharpen it

If your mower has not been cutting at its optimum, it may be that the blades need sharpening. You may be confident to do this yourself, alternatively, book some time in with a local mower specialist who can also service the mower if required.

Drain it

Over time, petrol will deteriorate and the added ingredients in petrol can mean it can perish away at rubber seals etc. So, for safety’s sake, drain any unused fuel and either repurpose it elsewhere or dispose of it carefully.

Check it

Check air and oil filters, ensuring there is no damage and they are free from debris. Check oil levels too, draining and replacing if necessary.

Store it

Ensuring your mower is properly packed away. This will not only prevent it being in your way all winter but will also mean it is less likely to suffer problems come spring. Choose a dust-free, dry place, ideally out of sight of children

If this is likely to be the last of your mower’s useful days, then why not check out the comprehensive range of mowers available at Red Band. As well as petrol mowers, the range includes cylinder mowers, perfect for quick maintenance jobs or places where power is not available. For those looking for a complete mowing solution, then check out the Red Band range of automowers. These innovative mowers are completely self-sufficient, even returning themselves to power docks when they are low on charge! Using a similar technique to sheep grazing, they can be left to tackle large and complex areas (depending on model type), resulting in a neat, great looking lawn – and no hassle!

For more details on the full range of Red Band mowers, call the team on 0116 260 2601.


Thanks to its hardness and high-melting point, a diamond makes the perfect addition to high-performance tools such as drills. Diamond core drills often benefit from more precise and faster drilling, less dust and lower vibration levels, making them more comfortable for prolonged use.

Here at Red Band we stock a wide range of diamond drilling equipment, check out some of our favourites…

Husqvarna DM340 core drill 110v electric

Easy to use and ergonomically designed, the DM340 come with a 152mm diameter wet diamond core bit. With three speeds, it is capable of producing cores up to 400mm in diameter and can be rig mounted. As you would expect from Husqvarna it has been designed with quality and performance in mind.

X-pert M20-16 core drill 110v electric

With three speeds this diamond core drill can be used in both the wet and dry. Suitable for use on material such as reinforced concrete and natural stone, it has been designed to offer optimum control and comfort, including anti-vibration. A built-in double spirit level is a handy touch.

Husqvarna DMS240A core drill rig 110v

Don’t let the DMS240 smaller proportions misguide you, the DMS240 is more than able to take on the toughest tasks. With two speeds and its own drill stand, it is able to drill through everything from walls to floors and roofs, making it a versatile choice.

Husqvarna DM220 core drill motor 110v

Boasting efficient and precise drilling thanks to an in-built level guiding system, the DM220 is an essential piece of equipment. From its 360◦ turning handle to an LED light that indicates when the preferred position is met, the DM220 has been designed with practical use in mind. Lightweight, is has many applications including when needing to drill close to walls and edges. It comes complete with a 38mm diamond core drill bit.

Husqvarna DS150ATS core drill stand

With its lightweight design the DS150ATS drill stand is perfect for regular use. Made from aluminium it can be used when drilling is required for surfaces such as walls and ceilings, up to a maximum of 150mm. Practical features such as a soft grip handle and vacuum or anchor fittings make it a toolbox staple.


Red Band UK Ltd is delighted to announce the addition of the Altrad Belle Group product range, one of the most instantly recognizable and respected manufacturers of site mixers, compaction and earth moving equipment in the world.

The strategic addition of the Altrad Belle range further strengthens Red Band UK’s position as one of the leading suppliers of construction equipment in the UK.

The addition of the Belle Minipac, PCEL, PCLX, PCX range of plate compactors, RPC reversible plates, RT trench rammers and BWR twin drum rollers will further enhance the Red Band portfolio of compaction equipment, whilst the addition of the Belle Minimix, Mastermix, Promix, Maxi, Premier and Baromix site mixers provides Red Band with one of the most comprehensive ranges of concrete and mortar mixing solutions available on the market today.

Other market leading products available will include the Belle Midi 20 and Midi 30 hydraulic power packs, the BHB range of hydraulic breakers, the Belle BMD Minidumper, the Belle Warrior, Fort and Limex ranges of site wheelbarrows, all of which will further compliment the existing Red Band product portfolio..


Resin bonded surfacing is increasingly being used as an alternative solution compared to concrete because of its more attractive appearance.

Driveways, paths, cycle lanes and car parks are just a few applications for resin surfaces where the developer seeks a certain aesthetic effect. The most common resin surfacing method involves a base-layer of mixed resin on a solid base, followed by a layer of aggregate. The alternative is resin bound surfacing, where the resin and aggregate is mixed together.

Traditionally, the surface of a road or path would be concrete or asphalt, used because of their strength. An outdoor surface needs to withstand numerous vehicles and pedestrians as well as the continual changes in temperature and moisture, and for over a century tar-grouted macadam (branded Tarmac) has been the dominant option.

There are two types of resin used for surfacing. Aromatic resin is non-UV stable, and Aliphatic resin is UV stable. UV stability refers to how liable the finished surface is to fading in the sunlight. Aliphatic resin stays the same colour in all light conditions but this is reflected in the higher price.

Bonding resin is mixed in a forced-action mixer also known as a pan mixer. Hardener is slowly added to the powdered resin as the levers within the mixer turn through the mix. An optional third additive to the resin mix is an accelerator, which can be used in temperatures below 15 degrees to increase curing times.

The perceived disadvantage of using resin with a forced action mixer is that it can be incredibly difficult to clean the mixer.

However, Baron have now addressed this with their Easy Clean system. This is a set of liners and covers for Baron E and M Line machines, which can then be removed after the job for safe cleaning.

By its nature, the resin mixture is highly adhesive so it would inevitably stick to any surface it touches, especially at the end of a working day. The ability to have the pan mixer in a ready to use condition within just a couple of minutes is making forced-action mixers much more feasible for working with resin.

With the increasing demand for expressive landscaping, the resin method is set to become the popular choice for great looking pathways.


In a recent comparison of ride-on mowers and tractors, Husqvarna riders came out best. One of the most popular ride-on lawn mowers of recent times is the R214TC, and this was named as the ‘Best Ride-on Lawn Mower of 2020’ by PriceRunner.

What to Look for in a Ride-on Mower

Different users and lawn areas have different key requirements when it comes to mowing a large area of grass. For the customer, important factors invoved in the buying decision are value for money and ease of use.

In terms of functionality, the simple point of a lawn mower is to cut the grass. However, there are different ways to collect and dispose of the cuttings; which can significantly affect the overall experience. The three main areas looked at in this comparison article are performance, user-comfort and manoeuvrability.

The number one choice – the Husqvarna R 214TC – achieved top marks in all areas considered, with the mowing experience just as impressive as the end result. When a lack of LED headlights is pretty much all they could cite in the list of disadvantages, you know this lawn mower must be good. Anyone wanting to mow the lawn at night may of course be disappointed.

Best Ride-on Mower for Demanding Use

When the shape and contours of the terrain are more challenging, AWD (all-wheel-drive) lawn mowers provide more traction and improved performance. Much like a 4×4 or 4WD car, the articulated transmission gives grip and drive to each wheel.

The PriceRunner review also included tests on the Husqvarna R 216T AWD mower towing materials around a yard. The optimised power on each wheel assists its pulling power as well as being an excellent grass cutting machine. The increased power and versatility of the 216 earned it their ‘Best Premium Choice’ tag.

Other Husqvarna Lawn Mowers

As well as ride-on mowers and tractors, Husqvarna also have Automowers and pedestrian (walk behind) lawn mowers in their range. Head over to the Forest, Garden and Landscaping section to browse through the range of Husqvarna products.


When it comes to safe working it is essential that employers, who are responsible for the safety, health and welfare of employees while at work, adopt and follow the latest rules and laws from the Health & Safety Executive.

Asides from keeping yourself and your colleagues safe, adopting appropriate health & safety measures can bring other benefits, such as reducing absenteeism, improving staff retention and boosting productivity.

Keeping staff safe in the workplace could include a number of things, from effective training for the job they are required to do, to communicating safe working practices, providing appropriate equipment for the task at hand as well as ensuring staff have the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

To help you create a safe working environment, we have come up with some useful resources to help you identify what you need to do to be compliant with health & safety law, as well as implement these rules and guidelines into how your business operates, check them out…

If your company has more than five employees you will need a written health & safety policy. Don’t worry, it need not be overly complicated, just a straightforward document detailing your commitment to health & safety and how it will be implemented. The HSE have produced a template for creating a health & safety policy – you can view it here.

There is a health & safety poster, leaflet and card which must be displayed in workplaces or distributed to staff. You can download them for free, here.

As well as appropriate training and risk management, another key aspect to effective health & safety is ensuring staff are using the right tools or equipment for every workplace task. With the proper equipment tasks can be completed to a high standard, quicker and with less effort and operators are less likely to become frustrated or complacent – both of which can lead to workplace incidents.

Here at Red Band we have a wide choice of professional standard tools and equipment available and our knowledgeable team are on hand to offer advice and guidance on the best equipment for your business. Supplying equipment from leading brands, such as Husqvarna, you can be sure the equipment is supported and backed by technical support.

If you have had your Husqvarna equipment for a while and no longer have the operator manual, be sure your team know how to properly operate and maintain it by visiting the Husqvarna support site and downloading the appropriate manual.

PPE is the most basic way to protect your staff; inexpensive, easy to use and effective, PPE is often the first line of defence against injury. From hi-visibility clothing to boots, ear defenders, eye protectors, gloves and helmets, click here to view the complete range of PPE available from Red Band.

ngaging everybody in health & safety can, in many businesses, be hard to do, delivering information in a range of ways could help, so aim to deliver your health & safety messages through a combination of talks, demonstrations, written materials and short films, visit YouTube for examples.

For more details on the wide range of professional construction equipment available, or to place an order, call the Red Band team on 0116 260 2601.


Concrete is known to be one of the harder surfaces to cut, which requires a machine and blade that is powerful enough for the job. For those more demanding projects, a high frequency cutter with an appropriate power pack is warranted in order to maximise the performance whilst tackling concrete.

Whilst the most popular disc cutter models run on petrol, there are certain scenarios that require the clean power of electric. A further boost to power could be achieved with hydraulic machines which use a strong jet of oil to deliver more power. However, there is a range of electric cutters and drills that has been designed to outperform hydraulic machines.

Husqvarna’s PRIME technology is a high frequency power system that delivers unrivalled revolutions per minute on the diamond blade or diamond drill bit using a high frequency power pack.

PRIME does not only refer to its superior class, it is an acronym:


A higher level of power compared to standard electric equipment brings the level akin to that of hydraulic machines.


PRIME high frequency technology sets a new standard for productivity and usability.


The compatible power packs have a plug and play setup to deliver optimal power and rpm


Each high frequency power pack is versatile and interchangeable with multiple machines.


The machines can work off single and 3-phase power without the need for a hydraulic connection.

High Frequency Power

The PRIME K6500 cutter has a very high power output of 5.5kw, which is more than twice that of Husqvarna’s flagship electric cutter, the K3000. Similarly, the PRIME K6500 Ring Saw’s 5.5kw power exceeds even their K3600 hydraulic ring saw.

All this extra power capacity does not come at the expense of user comfort, as both the machines mentioned above have a superb power-to-weight ratio as well as low Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) ratings.


There are two types of portable cement mixer that can be found on the majority of building sites across the UK. The most common are known as drum mixers or even just cement mixers. They are almost always orange in colour and likely to be made by Altrad Belle. The other type, which is becoming more well-known, is pan mixers.

The quintessential cement mixer which most people would recognise is the Minimix, made by Belle. The key component is the central drum, that rotates continually. A set of fins fixed to the inside of the drum slices through the cement mixture and then it cascades down as it approaches the top of the drum. These iconic cement mixers come in electric and petrol* versions.

Altrad Belle also produce the Premier XT, which is powered by diesel* or electric and uses a tipping wheel to dispense the mixture. This has a larger (5:3) drum capacity than the Minimix, so is suited to mid-large sized projects. Alongside a Belle Warrior wheelbarrow, this is a tried and trusted option for concreting.

If you are using a resin adhesive rather than cement, you need a pan mixer, otherwise known as a forced action mixer. The mixing is done by a set of paddles driven by a powerful motor, which mixes more thoroughly. Instead of a rotating drum it remains in an upright position, hence its other name; upright mixer. Rather than tipping the whole drum forward to dispense the mix, it’s just a case of sliding a hatch underneath to release the amount you need.

The disadvantage to forced action mixers used to be the arduous cleaning process. At the end of a day’s surfacing or construction, the prospect of removing hardened resin and cement was not a welcome one. However, leading manufacturer Baron have now developed the Easy Clean which is a set of covers that can just be removed after use. Residual mixture can then be removed from the Easy Clean components, leaving your pan mixer ready for the next job.

We would not recommend using a diesel-powered or petrol-powered mixer indoors because of the lack of ventilation. If you need advice on which mixer is right for you, please call Red Band Sales and Support on 0116 260 2601.


When buying forest and garden machinery such as chainsaws, trimmers and leaf blowers, consumers are often faced with the choice of battery-powered vs petrol or diesel.

Electric chainsaws tend to be perceived as cleaner and more modern than those that rely on a fuelled engine, but there are still some major advantages to using petrol machines.

The classic sound of a chainsaw familiar to most of us is the sound of a petrol engine delivering power to the blades at the press of a trigger. This is still a preferred choice of operation for many, chiefly because of the extra power needed for more heavy-duty logging and forestry work. However, many of the modern battery-powered machines have improved levels of power, and in that sense can really compete with the traditionally-preferred petrol mix types.

Aside from traditional petrol chainsaws, the highest torque you can get in a chainsaw is from an electrical model that plugs into the mains. Mains-powered electrical items are always more powerful than battery-operated, but there is an extra hazard and inconvenience from the electrical cable.

It could be argued that the apparent disadvantage of having less power on a battery-operated machine is actually an advantage, because of the relative ease of operation. A large amount of power inevitably means more weight and that it requires more effort to operate. The lighter weight profile of battery-powered machines is also conducive to easier work.

If you are buying forest and garden machinery and need to choose between electric, battery, petrol and diesel, it is a good idea to ask a good retailer. Husqvarna’s forest and garden equipment is available in each power type, so reaching out to an authorised Husqvarna UK dealer is a useful way to get free advice on the subject. 

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