Thanks to its hardness and high-melting point, a diamond makes the perfect addition to high-performance tools such as drills. Diamond core drills often benefit from more precise and faster drilling, less dust and lower vibration levels, making them more comfortable for prolonged use.

Here at Red Band we stock a wide range of diamond drilling equipment, check out some of our favourites…

Husqvarna DM340 core drill 110v electric

Easy to use and ergonomically designed, the DM340 come with a 152mm diameter wet diamond core bit. With three speeds, it is capable of producing cores up to 400mm in diameter and can be rig mounted. As you would expect from Husqvarna it has been designed with quality and performance in mind.

X-pert M20-16 core drill 110v electric

With three speeds this diamond core drill can be used in both the wet and dry. Suitable for use on material such as reinforced concrete and natural stone, it has been designed to offer optimum control and comfort, including anti-vibration. A built-in double spirit level is a handy touch.

Husqvarna DMS240A core drill rig 110v

Don’t let the DMS240 smaller proportions misguide you, the DMS240 is more than able to take on the toughest tasks. With two speeds and its own drill stand, it is able to drill through everything from walls to floors and roofs, making it a versatile choice.

Husqvarna DM220 core drill motor 110v

Boasting efficient and precise drilling thanks to an in-built level guiding system, the DM220 is an essential piece of equipment. From its 360◦ turning handle to an LED light that indicates when the preferred position is met, the DM220 has been designed with practical use in mind. Lightweight, is has many applications including when needing to drill close to walls and edges. It comes complete with a 38mm diamond core drill bit.

Husqvarna DS150ATS core drill stand

With its lightweight design the DS150ATS drill stand is perfect for regular use. Made from aluminium it can be used when drilling is required for surfaces such as walls and ceilings, up to a maximum of 150mm. Practical features such as a soft grip handle and vacuum or anchor fittings make it a toolbox staple.