Altrad Irbal RB800H Skip Fed Mixer

The Richier Beton RB800H is a large and capacious 800 litre skip-fed mixer featuring a horizontal, hydraulic tipping drum, hydraulic skip and a 550 litre mixing output.

This relatively compact, but high capacity, productive mixer is designed for batching mixing larger volumes of concrete etc with greater efficiency. The drum tipping is monitored by a hydraulic motor equipped with a valve to guarantee the blocking of the drum in any position to minimise spillages. It also features adjustable feet for precise positioning, a valve enabled double-effect ram with  all position locking and a skip equipped with bag cutter and scraper guide.

Irbal is part of the Altrad Group of companies which together form the largest light construction equipment company in the world. Together with Irbal, the Group also includes Atika, Belle and Saint Denis, all renowned for their industry leading mixing products.

The Richier Beton RB800H is available with a 3phase 380V electric motor or a Hatz diesel engines.

RB800H-E RB800SP00 (380V 3ph) - Supplied without scraper. 380V/50Hz 3ph electric powered.

RB800H-DG RB800SP02 (Hatz diesel generator) - Supplied without scraper. Hatz diesel generator powered.

The RB800H is supplied without scraper which is available as an optional extra and can be powered by either remote control or winch and cable.

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  RB800H-E RB800H-DG
MPN RB800SP00 RB800SP02
Motor/Engine 380V Electric 50Hz Hatz Diesel Generator
Power 7.5Hp/5.5kW 10kVA
Maximum Drum Capacity 800ltr 800ltr
Mixing Capacity 550ltr 550ltr
Water Tank Capacity 60ltr 60ltr
Pneumatic Wheels 185/65 x 15 185/65 x 15
Dimensions (L/W/H) 2260 x 2090 x 2840mm 2260 x 2090 x 2840mm
Steel Cable Length 9500mm 9500mm
Scraper Included? No No
Weight 1100kg 1370kg
Our Price POA POA

The 380V electric RB800H features a control panel equipped with a phase detector, which cuts out in case of incorrect wiring.

The diesel version of the RB800H is equipped with an electric start Hatz (10kVA) diesel generator. When the mixer is not in use/working, the generator can be used to connect and power other equipment on site. On a site with electricity, the mixer can be connected without the generator.

All models include as standard a protective grid ensuring optimal operator protection.