Richier Beton RB800H Skip Fed Site Mixer

The Altrad Belle Richier Beton RB800H is a 800 litre capacity skip-fed mixer, with a horizontal drum and hydraulic skip.

The Richier Beton RB800H has adjustable feet to the rear, a valve controlled double-effect ram enabling all position skip locking, and a skip equipped with bag cutter and scraper guide.

The RB800H is available in 380V (3ph) electric or diesel, complete with standard scraper with reel, powered by either remote control, or winch and clutch.

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380V Electric Diesel 
Mixing Capacity 750ltr 750ltr
Final Volume (firm concrete) 650ltr* 650ltr*
Final Volume (fluid concrete) 550ltr*  550ltr* 
Water Tank Capacity 60ltr 60ltr
Power (380V Electric) 7.5Hp/5.5kW  10kVA
Weight (380V Electric) 1200kg 1480kg
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* The final volume depends on the sand percentage, the aggregate size and porosity, and the fluidity of the concrete.

The 380V (3ph) electric version of the RB800H has a control panel equipped with phase detector, which cuts out in the event of being incorrectly wired for added safety.

The diesel version of the RB800H is equipped with an electric start Hatz (10kVA) diesel generator. When the mixer is not in use/working, the generator can be used to connect and power other equipment on site. On a site with electricity, the mixer can be connected without the generator.

A loading ramp and towing plate are also available for the RB800H as optional extras.