Husqvarna K760 Cut-n-Break - 2-Stroke

The Husqvarna K760 Cut-n-Break is a revolutionary and unique petrol-powered twin-bladed cutter with incredible deep cutting capabilities (up to 400mm from one side) and low operating costs.

It ingeniously uses 2 x 230mm custom-engineered EL diamond blades which are set in parallel and produce two cuts in parallel with each other. A breaking tool supplied with the saw is then used to snap and remove the material slither produced, allowing the procedure to be repeated until the desired cutting depth is achieved. This allows users to work their way through way through a wide variety of concrete and masonry materials step-by-step at a low very tooling cost.

The Cut-n-Break is suitable for an incredibly wide and diverse range of applications thanks to its innovative and highly cost-efficient exceptional cutting capabilities. It provides the ideal means of producing door and window openings, cutting grooves for cabling, expansion joints, pipe cutting and much, much more!

The Husqvarna EL diamond blades range specially developed for use with the Husqvarna K760CnB (petrol) and K4000CnB (110V model) are suitable for the following materials:

  • EL10 - for hard concrete and naturals stones.
  • EL35 - for medium and soft concrete, and occasional cutting of hard concrete.  
  • EL70 - for brickwork and abrasive building blocks.  

K760CnB - 3.7kW/4.96Hp. Blade Capacity 230mm (x2). Max Cut Depth 400mm. 9.6kg*.

The K760CnB is supplied with a breaking tool and 2 x Husqvarna EL35 9” diamond blades as standard.

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MPN 9671957-01
Engine Type Air-cooled 2-stroke
Displacement 74 cm³
Power 3.7kW / 4.96Hp
Maximum Blade Capacity 230mm (x2)
Maximum Cutting Depth 400mm
Product Dimensions (W x H x L) 246 x 446 x 798mm
Weight (Machine Only)*
Vibrations F/R 1.9 / 2.8m/s²
Sound pressure level at operators ear 101dB(A)
Our Price (Exc. VAT) £1320.00

*Excluding fuel and cutting equipment

Cost-efficient cutting method
With the unique cut-n-break method you can work your way through the material step-by-step at a low tool cost.

High performance blades included
Twin blades (EL35) with a very stable core and cutting performance are supplied with the K760CnB as standard.

Exceptional cutting depth
The long body and double cutting blades allow you to make cuts up to 400mm deep from one side.

Light and powerful
The K760CnB is a light, compact and powerful machine with superior power-to-weight ratio.

High power with less fuel
Built-in automatic filter compensation SmartCarb™ maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption.

Optimised engine performance
Through efficient cylinder design, digital ignition system and Husqvarna X-Torq® engine technology which reduces emissions and increases fuel efficiency.

Easystart ensures easier starting by reducing the compression in the cylinder.

Anti-vibration system
Reduced vibrations in the cutter handle for more comfort and longer safe operating periods.

Virtually maintenance-free starter
The incorporated Durastarter™ is a dust-sealed starter where the return spring and the pulley bearing are sealed to provide a virtually maintenance-free starter, complimented by the specially developed durable starter cord.

Active Air Filtration™
Two-step filtration system with centrifugal cleaning and a single paper filter increase product life and extends service intervals.

Virtually maintenance-free air filter
The only time the filter needs to be checked and changed is if a lack of power is experienced.

Long service intervals
The use of a strong poly V-belt combined with Durastarter™ and the highly efficient Active Air Filtration™ filter system ensures long service intervals.

Smooth blade stops
Reduces the stop time of the blade when the machine is switched off, which enables you to quickly move on to the next job.