DELTADECK® Low Level Access Platform (3M WH)

The DELTADECK® is an innovative, safe and easy to use low level access work platform designed for quick and easy one-person assembly and use.

Its one-piece complete design means that there is only one item to move, assemble, transport and store - and therefore no components to lose, damage or accidentally leave on site.

The DELTADECK® has multiple platform heights ranging from 450 to 870mm, providing a practical and convenient solution for those wishing to safely work hands-free at heights of up to 3m (and below). It has a 600mm wide platform (which is accessible from either end), which provides ample space to comfortably work in, yet is small enough to pass easily through a standard sized commercial door frame, even whilst assembled.

Despite its compact footprint and its light weight (<27kg) the DELTADECK® is strong, robust and stable to use. For added safety and convenience the DELTADECK® has full and correct height guiderails which automatically deploy at all platform height settings and positive locking braked wheels.

DELTADECK® - Max Working Height 2.87m. Max Platform Height 0.87m. Safe Working Load 200kg. 26.8kg.

The Safe Working Load (SWL) of 200kg has been tested and rated against the requirements of BS EN 1004.


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MPN DD100571
Maximum Working Height 2.45 - 2.87m
Maximum Platform Height 0.45 - 0.87m
Platform Capacity 200kg
Folded Dimensions (W x H x L) 760 x 310 x 1120mm
Assembled Dimensions (W x H x L) 760 x 1900 x 1120mm
Gross Weight 26.80kg
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The compact design of the DELTADECK® means that it can be transported in the rear of most medium sized cars.

Incorporated positive locking braked wheels make it easy to manoeuvre, secure into position, transport to and around site, and store.