Clipper Extreme Ceramic Soft Continuous Rim Diamond Blade - 200-400mm

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NEW: The Extreme Ceramic Soft is a new blade specifically designed for harder porcelain tiles. 

The continuous rim sintered blade has thin laser-cut slots which facilitate blade cooling and give a smoother cut. The Extreme Ceram Soft delivers excellent results on glazed ceramic tiles, and particularly the hardest tiles.

The Extreme Ceram Soft is for use on masonry saws or tile saws, and each size of blade has a 25.4mm or 1 inch bore size. 

£69.84 £58.20
RRP £113.45
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£69.84 £58.20
RRP £113.45


Application Size Bore Item No. Price (excluding VAT)
Tile Saw 200mm 25.4mm 70184603234 58.20
Tile Saw 230mm 25.4mm 70184603235 67.20
Tile Saw Masonry Saw 250mm 25.4mm 70184603236 73.20
Tile Saw Masonry Saw 300mm 25.4mm 70184602483 108.60
Masonry Saw 350mm 25.4mm 70184602484 126.60
Masonry Saw 400mm 25.4mm 70184603237 179.40

Product Information

The Extreme Ceramic Soft from Norton Clipper has been designed to cater for the increasing popularity of porcelain paving, in particular those tiles that are thicker and harder than traditional tiles.

Designed for wet use only.

The harder the grade of material you are cutting, the softer the bond should be on the diamond blade. A soft-bonded blade allows the diamond element to impact the material at the optimum point, reducing the risk of the blade overheating and affecting the quality of the cut.

If you are just cutting normal tiles less than 10-15mm thick, we still recommend the Extreme Ceram diamond blade.