Clipper Pro Ceram Glass Continuous Rim Diamond Blade

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The Clipper Pro Ceram Glass diamond blade (f/k/a Pro Glass) is a continuous rimmed blade for the cutting of glass and glazed materials.

£51.12 £42.60
RRP £81.60
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£51.12 £42.60
RRP £81.60


Size Bore Item No.
Tile Saw 180mm 25.4mm 70184630184
200mm 25.4mm 70184630185
250mm 25.4mm 70184630188
Masonry Saw 200mm 25.4mm 70184630185
250mm 25.4mm 70184630188
Other sizes may be available, please ask.

Product Information

The blade has been specifically designed to provide the best quality of cut on glass and vitreous materials including textured glass tiles and also ceramic tiles.

The blade is suitable for use on tile saws and small masonry saws.

The continuous rimmed blade has a specially designed segment that ensures the best quality cut of a wide variety of glass products.

For wet cutting only.