Altrad Belle Minimix 150E+ 4/3 Cement Mixer - Battery

The Minimix 150E+ is the latest and emission free incarnation version of the iconic Minimix 150 4/3 concrete mixer.

This Li-ion battery powered mixer provides users with a robust and practical solution for mixing concrete and mortar indoors, outdoors and in poorly ventilated areas, like basements, tunnels etc. It can also be operated in environmentally sensitive areas such as green spaces, nature reserves, railway sidings, urban areas etc.

The cordless design of the Minimix 150E+ provides greater working flexibility on site - no trailing cables like electrically powered mixers and reduced noise, running and maintenance costs compared to petrol powered mixers - making it the ideal mixer option for use in areas with no access to an electrical power supply.

It has a 2.0m³ mix output on a single charge - the equivalent of 20+ mixes of concrete/mortar.

The Belle Minimix 150 is also available with a choice of 1phase electric motors (230 or 110V) and petrol engines.

Minimix 150E+ M82B (Li-ion Battery) - Zero emission mixer ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The Minimix 150E+ can be purchased as a package at a greatly reduced concessionary price (consisting of mixer, 1 x battery and charger), or alternatively in component parts to suit individual needs and budgets.

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Mixer Specification

  Minimix 150E+ Battery
Battery Type Li-ion
Motor Power 2.0Hp/1.5kW
Maximum Drum Capacity 130ltr
Mixing Capacity 90ltr
Mixing Output per Charge 2
Drum Speed 24rpm
Paddle Type 2 x Rapid mix
On Stand Dimensions (L x W x H)
1227 x 1057 x 1432mm
Off Stand Dimensions (L x W x H) 1211 x 597 x 890mm
Weight (without stand) 58.5kg
Noise Level 84dB(A)
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Battery Specification

Battery Type Li-ion
Maximum Voltage 82V
Normal Voltage 72V
Energy Rating 360Wh
Energy Capacity 5Ah
80% Charge Time 56mins+/-
100% Charge Time 78mins+/-


The Minimix 150E+ has a 90L mixing volume and can be used on and off stand to mix a full barrow load of concrete or mortar. Thanks to its barrow height swivel stand and tip-up design, dispensing completed mixes could not be easier, whilst its rubber large wheels, easy to transport and store. It also features an extra thick drum and a sealed cast gearbox for longer life.

It has the same well proven, tested and reliable design and performance of other Minimix 150 models powered by either single phase electric or petrol, with the added benefit and working flexibility that battery power brings.

The 82V 5Ah battery developed to power the Minimix 150E+ has a quick release, quick connection design and features a convenient digital power level display.

The optional storage box (OPM/15/FIO) is able to store 2 x 82V 5Ah batteries (OPM/13/FIO) and 1 x battery charger (OPM/16/FIO).

Although compact in size, it is designed to withstand heavy-duty site conditions and is built from quality and robust components throughout. Its rapid mix drum paddles are designed to provide quick, efficient and thorough mixing results every time.

It is supplied with a detachable barrow height swivel stand which provides the perfect working height when mounted for quickly and easily dispensing completed mixes into barrows, aided further by the tip-up design of the mixer itself. It can alternatively be used to mix without being stand mounted. Mounting and dismounting the mixer from its stand. Removal of the mixer from its stand aids transportation and storage, as does the inclusion in its design of two large rubber transport wheels.

It is the perfect mixer for use with its sister product, the now iconic Belle Warrior wheelbarrow.