Red Band Aluminium Hand Tamp c/w Handles

The Red Band aluminium hand tamp range offers a simple and economical solution to the age old problem of how to manually and effectively tamp freshly laid concrete to a flat finish. A concrete tamp from Red Band delivers exceptional value and superb functionaliity.

Traditionally, contractors have relied on pieces of wood to manually achieve a tamped/flat finish of freshly laid concrete, the problem being that wood can be subject to deterioration from the moisture and abrasive nature of green concrete.

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Aluminium hand tamps offer a viable and effective alternative to wood, benefiting from the strength, durability and lightweight that the box aluminium offers, and are also easier to clean down after use.

The ends of each tamp are capped to prevent the ingress of concrete into the beam and are supplied with long or short plated handles as standard to facilitate ease of use.

• Cost effective and easy way to level freshly laid concrete
• Easy to maintain/transport