Red Band VC Concrete Air Pokers

Red Band VC pneumatic pokers are designed to be quickly and easily connected to a suitably powered compressor.

They provide a reliable, simple and efficient means of removing air from newly poured concrete and produce the optimal relationship between frequency and amplitude for optimal concrete compaction.

Pneumatic concrete vibrators have a low very maintenance design, are very simple to operate, are very productive and are suitable for intensive use. They feature a quality engineered steel nose cap, twist grip on/off throttle and lubrication system in the valve handle and a universal European coupling for quick connection.

VC - Range of 6 pneumatic pokers with head sizes ranging from 28 to 75mm diameter. Standard 2m handling hose length.

External pneumatic/air source required.

British Made


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  VC28 VC35 VC45 VC55 VC65 VC75
Head Diameter 28mm 35mm 45mm 55mm 65mm 75mm
Head Length 253mm 280mm 320mm 341mm 352mm 391mm
Overall Length 2653mm 2640mm 2670mm 2700mm 2700mm 2740mm
Weight 5.5Kg 6Kg 7.5Kg 10.5Kg 11Kg 16.5Kg
Consumption (Ltr/min) 504 608 736 820 1018 1218
Consumption (CFM) 17.8 21.5 26.0 29.0 36.0 43.0
Frequency 18000rpm 18000rpm 17000rpm 17000rpm 18000rpm 18000rpm
Amplitude in air 1.0mm 1.4mm 1.8mm 2.5mm 2.5mm 1.9mm
Centrifugal Force (Newtons) 1063 1418 2213 3795 11523 15742
Centrifugal Force (Kg) 108.0 144.5 226.0 387.0 1174.0 1605.0
Radius of effectiveness 14cm 20cm 25cm 38cm 44cm 50cm
S P Level 101.3dB(A) 107.2dB(A) 113dB(A) 109dB(A) 113dB(A) 112.1dB(A)
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