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Protecting your privacy and the personal data you provide us is of the utmost importance for us at Red Band UK Ltd.

Red Band UK have taken a great deal of care to ensure that any personal information you divulge and send to us remains totally confidential, which is why we do not sell or rent the personal information we collect from you to third parties for their marketing purposes. On occasion, it may be necessary to share limited information about you with a third party to fulfil an order requirement (i.e in instances where goods ordered are shipped directly to the purchaser from another source/supplier due to non-availability). In such circumstances the information we disclose is limited to that required to effect delivery of goods only and does not include confidential payment related details about the purchaser.

Personal Data

We only collect personal information from users that we deem to be absolutely necessary to enable us to complete purchase transactions and carry out of obligations to you as a supplier as efficiently as possible; this will typically include your email address, contact telephone number, home address and post code, and where applicable, the contact name, telephone number, delivery address and corresponding post code for goods that are not despatched directly to the registered purchasers address.

As part of the purchase process, we will also need to collect from you details of the card used for payment (where applicable); this will typically include the type of card used, card number, expiry date, security details etc.

We do not store or retain the debit/credit card details we receive from you. All payments received, whether directly through our company website, placed over the phone or in person at our registered trading address are processed via a secured encrypted payment gateway using secure socket layer technology (SSL). Great care is taken to ensure protection of personal information and payment details at all times against loss and unauthorised access.

When you contact us by email, phone or web chat we never disclose your information to third parties. Any information you include in correspondence is only used to provide clarification on your order or your account. We do not use sales patterns in order to predict or solicit further business.


We may use technology to track the patterns of behaviour of visitors to our website. This can include using a Cookie which would be stored on your browser, although you can normally modify your browser settings to prevent this happening. We use traffic log Cookies to identify which pages are being used and for statistical purposes. This helps us to analyse data about the web page traffic and improve our website in order to tailor it to customer needs and ultimately helps us to provide visitors to our website with a better user experience. A Cookie does not give us access to your computer or any information about you, other than the data you choose to share with us. An example of the data collected using cookies is how many visitors a page has received. We don’t get your name or other personal information unless you make an order.

How to view this website without cookies

If you wish to use a web page without storing cookies, you can open up an incognito or private window then go ahead and view the content as you wish. Alternatively you can turn off cookies in your browser.

Using a PC, open up your browser and then follow the instructions below. If using a Mac, use Command instead of Ctrl


Private/Incognito Window

Disable Cookies within MENU or SETTINGS or TOOLS



Advanced/Content Settings/Cookies



Options/Privacy & Security/Remove Individual Cookies



Settings/Advanced Settings/Cookies



Internet Options/Privacy/Advanced

You can also open a private or incognito window by right clicking on the browser application in your dock.

GDPR and Consent

In line with new General Data Protection Regulations, Red Band UK have recently reviewed how we collect and store data, both digitally and in paper form. We only contact customers when we need to obtain, provide or clarify information about an order; and we do not currently send marketing emails to our customer base. We also have a policy of not sending unsolicited mail in order to invite trade. However, we are aware that explicit consent is required from our customer base should we decide to send marketing material by email or by post. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are used for communicating to our customer base and interested parties.

If you require any clarification of what data is stored on your behalf and how we store it, please contact us at [email protected] with your request.

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