Norton Clipper Diamond Blade Guide

Norton Clipper diamond blades feature laser-welded diamond segments which deliver premium cutting and grinding results for a wide range of materials and machines. These diamond segments are arranged in specific patterns and frequency according to which material they are designed to cut. Whether you’re cutting concrete, asphalt, tiles or refractory materials, this page should help you find the right blade.

There are three grades of Norton Clipper blade, indicated by their diamond ratings system. Whilst there is no such thing as an ‘entry-level’ blade, the marks out of 5 clearly indicate a good, better, best system.

Norton Clipper Blade Tiers

  • *** Classic: A good quality blade suitable for occasional use at a lower price point.
  • **** Pro: A better quality blade for frequent use at a competitive price point
  • ***** Extreme: The best quality blade with fast cutting speed and high durability
Clipper’s new blade naming system indicates the grade, material and style in a consistent format. For example, the Extreme Universal Turbo is the highest grade, for cutting multiple materials at high speed.
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Blades for Cutting Concrete

Beton is the French word for concrete, so you know that any of the Beton range is good for cutting concrete and reinforced concrete. These are the most popular type of Clipper blade, suitable for hanheld disc cutters, floor saws and masonry saws.

Universal Blades

As the name suggests, the Universal range is suited to cutting a wide range of materials. You could choose a Universal blade if you have a few small amounts of different substrate to cut.

Blades for Cutting Tiles

Norton Clipper's continuous rim diamond blades are specially designed for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles, using a tile saw or masonry saw. The word 'Ceram' refers to ceramic tiles, which have very similar properties to porcelain.

Blades for Cutting Natural Stone

The Granite and Marmo style blades are suited to cutting marble, granite and natural stone. Because of the particular configuration of diamond segments involved, they only come in Pro or Extreme models.

Blades for Cutting Asphalt

Asphalt blades are popular with operators of floor saws, and Norton Clipper's superior quality diamond blades for asphalt do the job quickly and effectively.

Refractory Blades

If you have refractory materials to cut, the 4 and 5 diamond rated blades, labelled RC are what you need.

Norton Clipper have been innovating since day one. Always looking for new features and benefits to be incorporated into their diamond products, Clipper and Saint Gobain continue to introduce pioneering technology to the construction industry. Development of certain areas such as hospitals, schools and residential sites are more sensitive to high levels of noise, and cutting is known to be one of the major sources of noise pollution. There will never be such a thing as a truly silent blade, but a revolutionary new blade style has been developed which reduces cutting noise by up to 30%. The Silencio style blade incorporates a dampening layer beneath the outer layer which acts to absorb vibrations from the cutting impact. The gullets beyond the cutting segments are cleverly offset in order to significantly reduce the whistling sound associated with a rapidly spinning blade.