Clipper Extreme Universal Silencio Diamond Blade - 350-1000mm

The Universal Extreme Silencio from Norton Clipper has the lowest noise levels of all our diamond blades and represents a breakthrough in technology. A combination of noise dampening material and ergonomics helps to reduce noise levels by as much as 15db. 

Norton Clipper recommend this blade when using a masonry saw for cutting multiple materials including bricks, blocks, reinforced concrete and natural stone.

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Extreme Universal Silencio
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Size Bore Item No.
Masonry Saw 350mm 25.4mm 70184628998
400mm 25.4mm 70184640270
450mm 25.4mm 70184694368
500mm 25.4mm 70184630309
650mm 25.4mm 70184694227
900mm 60/55mm 70184694030
1000mm 60/55mm 70184694595

The Extreme Universal Silencio is the quietest of all of the Silencio range of blades reducing noise by up to 30x!

This is achieved by a noise dampening layer sandwiched between two sheets of steel which absorbs not only the cutting vibration but also the sounds of the cutting process.

In addition to the noise dampening layer, patented off-set gullets prevent whistling air noise around the diamond blade.

The Silencio range of blades is the ideal solution if you're working in residential areas, city centres or areas that are sensitive to the usual noise generated when using a regular diamond blade when cutting with your masonry saw.

The Extreme Universal has been fine tuned to provide the best possible noise reduction and cutting performance for use on masonry saws.